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The modern furniture from Italy

Designed by Via Della Spiga

modern design - brown sofa

Via Della Spiga is an Italian company that modern furniture produced for the living room and bedroom. The company was created as a collaboration between the Japanese designer Makio Hasuike, who was the first to open a studio for industrial design in Italy, and the Italian designer Marco Piva. Both designers focus on comfort, creativity and modern design so that their modern furniture meets every taste.

Modern furniture with an elegant design

modern Italian furniture

Via Della Spiga has several collections of modern furniture brought to the market, each of them with a unique individuality and concept. Onda is the name of the company’s classic collection, which was designed by Makio Hasuike in 2077. It consists of three pieces of furniture – sofa, bed and armchair. The sofa is offered in 3 variants, all of which have an outline. The sofa stands on a 5cm high chrome leg. Armrests and backrests are made of polyurethane and are connected to the main structure by magnets. The design is stable and comfortable. The comfortable and elegant piece of furniture is available in black, white or brown. The clear forms and the simple design of Onda fit into every house modern furniture.

Classic armchair – modern furniture

white elegant armchair

In 2008 Makio also designed a bed and an armchair as part of the Onda collection. They are just as comfortable and stylish, with clear lines and wooden construction. The bed legs are made of chrome, similar to the sofa. The covers are available in two versions – made of leather and fabric. The armchair is a simple but elegant design and can fit in any living room. the modern furniture from the Onda collection offer a harmony of color, shape and material.

By K.H. Christova

modern design – black leather sofa

modern black sofa

modern elegant bed

modern bed - Italian design

modern leather furniture for the living room