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Modern and original wooden furniture ideas for your one-room apartment

original-wood-furniture-glass-table-wood paneling

Wooden furniture today are stable, comfortable, and most importantly, interesting and fascinating enough to satisfy all tastes and adapt to all kinds of places in the home. Usually country houses and cottages show really cute and romantically original wooden furniture, although the interior design in a one-room apartment can also come with amazing original Wooden furniture ideas to be decorated.

Unusual kitchen made of wood

wood design kitchen


Modern and original wooden furniture for your studio apartment are a different approach to minimalist interior design. We often see minimalist apartments that are furnished with plastic, marble, steel or stone furniture and decorative elements. The reason for this is that the one-room apartments have smaller parameters and free space that are not enough for solid wood furniture and the whole atmosphere can look quite clumsy.

Exceptional piece of wooden furniture


However, they can be original Wood furniture ideas rather compact and innovative and can actually fit perfectly in your one-room apartment. Folding furniture or those with unusual shapes and designs are ideal for a narrow and small one-room apartment. Well, that is the reason why the original wooden furniture is usually produced and manufactured according to private orders from customers.

Wooden table – original idea

wooden table-original-wooden furniture

Curved and encrusted Wooden furniture are a top trend in the comfortable and cozy interior design. On the other hand, teak and bamboo are the preferred wood materials. Designers and manufacturers rely on environmentally friendly materials and methods in harmony with the goal of conserving natural resources and providing a beautiful idea for amazing lifestyle and charming living space.


Lounge deck chair – leather and wood

lounge wooden deck chair

Exclusive lounge deck chair by Kyle Buckner


Strange wooden bathtub