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Glass furniture ideas for your modern interior from Vitrealspecchi

Glass furniture green kitchen

Vitrealaspecchi is good for its glass masterpieces – especially those Glass furniture-  known in modern interiors. This elegant, easily fragile but very practical material offers functional solutions for contemporary architecture and interior design. A delicate shine contributes to a fine look. Vitrealspecchi can build an entire building out of Glöas, or design individual projects for a room.

Glass furniture gives the room a modern look

Glass board kitchen counter modern interior

The extremely avant-garde and interesting kitchen designs with Glass furniture will attract attention. They look more than decoration, but were developed with comfort in mind. The glass walls with interesting flowers and plant motifs are the focus of every bathroom. They are particularly suitable for minimalist furnishings that do not allow any special decoration. Interesting fresh motifs can be used to set accents. Dark bathroom color schemes contrast with the light glass floor or a light glass wall. The elegant shower is visually separated from the rest of the bathroom by the glass wall.

Glass furniture for the whole house

Wardrobe-glass partition-pane door

modern glass floor bathroom

Every designer today knows the magical power of Glass furniture from Vitrealspecchi – it divides and connects at the same time. Glass walls in an apartment create an exciting atmosphere and can set interesting accents. Sliding glass doors hide the wardrobe in the bedroom or the cabinet from the living room.


Glass wall modern apartment partition

Glass furniture for the kitchen


Glass partition cabinet

Glass partition cabinet

Glass door with floral motifs

Glass door floral motifs

Black glass floor and elegant bathtub in the bathroom


Modern glass cabin shower

modern glass cabin shower

Interesting ornaments – glass shower cubicle


Modern black bathroom with glass wall

Glass wall shower-modern-black-bathroom

Glass door with stainless steel door handle

elegant glass door stainless steel door handle