I Want to Invest in a Leather Fold Over Clutch

Lately, I’ve been wanting a clutch. Specifically, a leather fold over clutch. I still love my Longchamp Le Pliages as much as I did when I wrote about the bag a couple of weeks ago; however, the two I have pretty much cover what I’ll be carrying this Spring and Summer so I think I should be looking for a bag for Fall and Winter. Plus, I’d like to start investing in bags I’ll have a for a while.

Usually, I’d like to carry a leather satchel or top handle bag but the one I have is a faux leather bag from Forever 21. Anyone who has ever shopped at that store knows how low-quality their handbags are in general and as I said in “The Haute Écriture Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing Well“, faux leather should not be carried or worn. While my black Le Pliage does work well for any season, I’d like a full leather bag to carry as well.

That’s where fold over clutches come in. Clutches made of genuine leather are usually less expensive than satchels and top-handle bags and the silhouette is so simple that to say anyone is copying someone else would be ridiculous unless there are some very specific details they took from another bag. That’s not to say anything about patterns or colors that may be used but the simple fold over silhouette is pretty much free for anyone to use. Not to mention, no one brand is known for that specific silhouette. All that makes a leather fold over clutch so much easier to get.


More importantly, fold over clutches just look beautiful. Depending on the type used, the clutch can show off the beauty of the leather. Fold over clutches are also like totes in that you can just throw everything in them. Plus, you don’t always have to fold them over; you can roll them up as well.

Though they may be getting a little popular now, fold over clutches are a timeless style. They aren’t just a seasonal trend so a leather fold over clutch of good quality will last me a long time. That’s why it will be an investment even though I can get a good one for under $100 and that’s why I want to invest in one.

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