I Love the Look of a Good Old Lady Bag

I love a good old lady bag. They are some of the best handbags you can get. They’re usually small, have medium to long handles, made of patent leather or shiny calfskin, and elegant. They are the best for dressy or formal outfits.

An old lady bag is usually a small bag. Old ladies and quite a few elegant ladies carry bags like this. Something large enough to carry your things in but not too large so it’s easy to carry and isn’t loud or ostentatious. You can carry these bags anywhere as well. You can carry them on a weekend out, to formal events, to work, or while you’re shopping.

These bags usually have medium to long handles. You can carry them by the handles or you can carry it on the crook of your arm. You can even carry some on your shoulder of the handles are long enough. That’s what the long handles are for. They make it easier to carry.

These bags are also usually made out of patent leather or shiny calfskin. You could get an old lady bag one in pebbled leather or matte pebbled leather but the classic is patent or shiny calfskin. Although, some of these handbags look quite good in pebbled leather and are mostly bough that way.


The bags are elegant as well. The small size makes it perfect for carrying to formal events, the long handles not only make them easy to carry but can also make them look more elegant as well, and the patent leather or shiny calfskin makes the bags look dressy.

Handbags like this are bags like the Hermès Kelly or the Launer Traviata. You can also find bags like this that are shoulder or crossbody bags and most of these bags come with shoulder straps anyway.

Bags like this are also usually structured bags. Some bags might still look elegant in soft leather like the Hermès Kelly but most of these bags look better in structured leather.

These bags are the best. The small size, the medium to long handles, the patent leather or shiny calfskin, and elegant look of the bag is what makes it the best. I love dressy outfits and these bags work well for that.

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