How To Win The Holidays With Fashion Gifts for Everyone

Holiday shopping can be very difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Today I’m going to share with you the best fashion gifts to get that hard-to-shop-for person on your list this year. Luckily, we have the internet so you won’t even have to go anywhere for some of these. So without further ado, let’s get started with How To Win The Holidays With Fashion Gifts for Everyone.

Fashion Gifts for Him

Men can be very difficult to shop for. I’ve written about this before but I’ll explain it again. Men have fewer options than women when it comes to fashion so if you don’t want to get a boring gift like a tie or some socks, follow this guide.

Liquid Luxuries Cologne Sampler

So, I’ve given you a guide to buying fragrances but if you still don’t know what to get your guy, get this.

Sephora has a fragrance sample box in which you receive 15 samples of cologne. When you’re done trying out the fragrances, you take a voucher that comes with the box and you get a full size bottle of the cologne you like the most at no extra cost.

Get the sample box here at for $65 or you can just go into any Sephora. Regardless, a full size bottle of cologne for only $65 is a good deal.

Clothing Subscriptions

In the year 2015 you can subscribe to a clothing service rather than having to go out and shop yourself. Not to mention, lots of guys don’t like or don’t care about shopping so this is perfect. Getting a subscription to a clothing service will let you choose your style, give your measurements, set a budget, and have an outfit sent to your house monthly.

Some popular clothing subscription companies are Fashion Stork, Five Four Club, and Bespoke Post. Five Four Club is just clothing a subscription but Fashion Stork and Bespoke Post get you more than just clothing.

Small Leather Goods

So, wallets are usually boring gifts as well as card holders and other small leather items. You can make them less boring if you get something from a luxury brand. When you get something from a well-known luxury brand like Louis Vuitton or Coach, it will show that you cared enough to get them something of a better quality than something cheap from the mall.


Fashion Gifts for Her

Women can also be difficult to get gifts for. They have more options but they are also a lot more particular about what they wear. This was already written about in a previous article, but you should still follow this guide as it’s a little less specific.

Sephora Gift Card

Here’s a tip, never buy makeup for a woman. This is something you should always let her do on her own because women change their look frequently and you don’t know what kind of makeup works for her skin. That’s why you should just get a Sephora gift card and let her do the shopping. Gift cards seem like general and boring gifts but the recipient will appreciate it.

You can go to a Sephora to get the gift card or you can go here and get an e-gift card that comes with more options depending on how much you spend.

A Magazine Subscription

Magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and Elle offer gifting options for their subscriptions which are usually priced around $5 for half a year. Many of them also come with free gifts. Just visit one of the magazines websites and click “subscribe”. It should tell you what to do from there.

Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler

Yep. There is a fragrance sample box for women too. Just like the one for men, you get 15 samples, a voucher, and a full size bottle of your favorite at no extra cost.

Get the sample box here on for $65.

So, did you like any of these gift ideas or is there something I should’ve listed here? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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