Tidying up the garage and basement: tips for storage and organization

In many households, the garage and basement basically function as storage rooms. From winter tires to electronic devices to boxes with old records or CDs – everything that is not needed can be stored there. The more objects get into this room, the messier it gets. With the right organization, you can quickly get everything in order. In this post, we give tips on how to tidy up your garage and basement and stow your belongings neatly.

Storage options for the garage and basement

Tidying up the garage Tips for keeping things tidy

Depending on what you want to store and how much space is available, you can choose between different storage options. The most popular options include entire storage systems as well as space-saving variants such as hanging shelves and corner shelves. Since heavy objects are often stowed in the basement or garage, you have to pay attention to a high load capacity of the selected shelving system. Otherwise the shelves could sag or even fall over under the heavy weight.

Store heavy objects properly

Heavy-duty metal shelving to keep your home tidy

The most convenient and safest way to store personal items are heavy-duty shelves. These are particularly stable shelving systems that can be loaded with heavy loads without hesitation. They are a good example Heavy duty shelving from toom, which are offered in different versions and therefore fit into every room. In terms of material and size, there are several variants to choose from, with an optimal solution for every purpose. Shelves made of wood, for example, are visually very attractive and have a homely character. However, if you are looking for a storage system for rooms where the humidity is higher, models made of galvanized metal or plastic are better.

Tidy up the basement with wooden shelves

What heavy duty shelves are there? In addition to the material, these shelves also differ in their size and construction. You can opt for space-saving corner or hanging shelves or rely on a classic shelving unit. As far as assembly is concerned, heavy-duty shelving is offered as both screw and bolt-on shelving, with the second option allowing faster assembly without tools.

What does a heavy duty shelf weigh?? Despite their impressive load-bearing capacity, gravity racks do not weigh much and can be easily transported or relocated. Depending on the material and size, the total weight of floors and structures is usually between 10 and 30 kilograms.

Lack of space in the garage: use the ceiling and wall as storage space

Tips for organizing in the garage

Sometimes the junk in the garage gets so big that the car no longer fits. But this is not only annoying, it is also forbidden and can lead to Penalties from the building inspectorate to lead. So you have to make sure that your motor vehicle fits in the garage at all times. If there is a lack of space, you can install hanging systems for walls and ceilings and thus make optimal use of the available space down to the last centimeter without blocking access.

In this way you create more order in the basement and garage

Clearing out the storage room, mucking out tips for more order

If you want to put your storage room in order, you should plan at least one day for work. Here we have collected a few practical tips that should help you organize.

  • First, clear out the room, dispose of unnecessary items and sort the rest into categories (e.g. gardening, sports equipment, tools, etc.)
  • Thoroughly clean the basement / garage after mucking out.
  • Select a suitable shelving system.
  • Stow small objects thematically in storage boxes, cardboard boxes or crates and label them.
  • Always place heavy items on the lower shelves and do not exceed the load weight of the shelves.
  • Covering unused seasonal items such as snowboards or barbecues.
  • Plan space for new items.
  • Keep the garage and basement tidy after tidying up.

Tidy up the garage what storage options are there