Installing clothes horse extendable or hanging – designs for drying racks

drying racks made of wood rustic white space-saving solution for every room

The laundry area of ​​your house or apartment may not be where you want to spend a lot of time. Many people air dry their clothes and wonder how much time it takes to carry a pile of laundry from the laundry room to the basement. If you install an extendable or hanging clothes horse, you don’t necessarily have to carry the pile of clothes outside. It really is a lot of work, especially when you have other things to do. And when it starts raining, you have to carry the laundry back in and out to the laundry room. Because of this, you can consider a drying rack instead. Here are some practical solutions if you want to have an extendable or hanging drying rack installed.

Install clothes horse pull-out and space-saving

stylish mobile drying rack aluminum rods rotatable fold-out laundry basket garments

Well, you don’t have to go through all of that anymore as advances in technology have made it happen. Imagine a laundry room that is so versatile that you can actually let your clothes slide out or hang dry on a rack or drying rack. In this way, the laundry can dry easily and not only save time and energy, but also space. Below are some of the options available to you in this regard.

Fold-out system mount on the wall place appliances in the kitchen

The laundry rack is one of those things that we don’t attach enough importance to. Just like the dish rack, it’s an important item that we use on a regular basis. It seems necessary, efficient and practical for hanging clothes after washing. Therefore, the choice of the right clothes horse, pulling out or hanging, is sometimes imperative. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that drying racks don’t have to stand out. The simpler they are, the better you can design your living area.

Different designs

retro style with stylish wooden drying rack hanging from the ceiling

This is a very functional addition to your laundry room that you can install in the form of an extendable or hanging clothes horse. It’s designed so that you can close it like a window when you’re not using it. When you want to use the drying rack, you can just open it and hang up your wet clothes. You can have as many of these in the laundry room as you want as they hardly take up any space. Such a drying rack is a great idea when space is tight in your home. For a custom design, you can always hire a kitchen or cabinet designer.

Drying rack for drawers

laundry room drawer clothes rack extendable kitchen with white cupboards to save space

This is another stylish way to dry your clothes without taking up laundry room space. In addition, you don’t have to be exposed to the strain of taking your clothes out to dry and then back in again. The model has the shape of an extendable frame on which you can hang your clothes. If you use this pull-out drying rack for drying, it looks flat and thus saves space in the room. This can also be equipped with a ball-bearing sliding system as standard. Thus, pulling out is very easy. A professional kitchen and cabinet designer needs a custom drawer frame. It’s another space-saving design for small houses and apartments.

Hanging pole

metal tube on the wall clothes hanging drying rack laundry room washing machine cupboards

This particular drying rack is designed to fit as close to the wall as possible so that it doesn’t take up any space. It has two straight bars and between 2 and 5 cross bars. When using this type of rack, make sure that clothes that are already dry are not only dampening wet clothes in case you have them to hang at the same time. It is also space efficient and can be built by a kitchen and cabinet designer.

Further examples

Extendable clothes horse wall-mounted ikea also suitable for bathtub sinks

So your laundry area should be a convenient place to hang your clothes without having to take up space all over the living room. Use these creative and stylish methods of drying and see how much the laundry doesn’t look so bad anymore.

wall-mounted drying racks fold-out clotheslines clothes laundry basket tiles wet room

To save space, try a wall-mounted drying rack that can only be folded down when needed. You can install it on one of the walls in your laundry room. Or maybe you want to install it closer to the floor if the room has multiple windows. Position the drying rack so that the clothes don’t touch the floor or furniture when you hang them up to dry.

practical design for the interior with pull-out in the kitchen

This type of clothes horse for the wall is very space-saving. The stand virtually blends into the wall when it is not needed, as it can be easily folded up vertically. Just make sure he’s not surrendered in this position.

Create imaginative

Dark brown wardrobe furniture for storage mirror and clothes horse

If you don’t have enough space in your laundry room, or you don’t even have one, you need to be smart about choosing the right clothes horse. Obviously, a custom version would be the best solution, and you can add hooks, magnets, and wooden strips yourself.

wood folds out over worktop drying rack laundry room washing machine pictures shelves

These wing shelves are really handy. They take up little space, stay flush with the wall when not in use, and can hold a lot of clothing, especially shirts. You can even place them in a corner of your laundry room.

laundry rack hanging from the ceiling white stairwell bedding plants decoration

If there is no more free space on the walls, hang your clothes on the ceiling. It is a drying rack that hangs from the ceiling and offers enough space for a full load. With a pulley system you can pull the cords up and down.

ikea dry laundry storage tower shelf at the w

This shelf extends from the floor almost to the ceiling in the laundry room. It stands where it doesn’t block or hinder anything, while the laundry can be hung on the rails above the washing machine and doesn’t take up valuable space.

Single metal rod along the ceiling in the washroom clothes hanging from the window

A single metal frame can be sufficient if it is long enough. You can use coat hangers for shirts and pants on it. That way, when they’re dry, you can just take these off and put them right in the dresser.