Include children in the household with these helpful tips

Include children in the household with tips for fun

Children and household … when you hear these two words you automatically think of chaos and disorder. It doesn’t have to come to that, provided you teach your little ones early enough to help with tidying up and other household chores. But should children help in the household? The answer is clearly “Yes!”. Of course, that doesn’t mean that children can run the entire household right away. They shouldn’t, because children are children first and foremost. However, there are some activities in which you can include the children in the household. This way, you don’t just get a tidier home. Also, you teach your offspring that there are tasks in life that have to be done and that teaches them responsibility. And those who are responsible can also be proud of themselves. Furthermore, the children learn that it is also nice to help others.

Upbringing also includes household chores

Once you have decided that the children should help with the household, it is of course important that this becomes a regular occurrence. You can’t expect your child to get used to helping and taking it for granted, let alone taking the initiative, once they ask for help and then do everything themselves for weeks. A children’s budget is then an advantage, in which the respective tasks are noted for each day (or how often you decide for yourself). Then your child always knows what needs to be done and does not necessarily have to be asked to do so. And the tasks are especially pleasant when you do them together. In addition, there is more free time for both of you afterwards, in which you can do something fun.

Involve children in the household for help in the kitchen

But which tasks are suitable for children? As already mentioned, the little ones shouldn’t do everything, and certainly not physically difficult things in the household. Accordingly, it is not appropriate for your young child to take a heavy garbage bag outside or to wipe dust on a high shelf. The tasks are determined according to age. So if you want to put together a weekly plan for children and household, such things must be considered. We have put together some suitable household chores that are suitable for children of all ages and also do not take up too much time, so you will certainly not have any problems including the children in the household.

Include children in the household – wash clothes

Children can help with laundry in a number of ways

As early as the age of two, children can be involved in washing clothes. Of course, you will not be able to operate the washing machine then. However, they will then learn how to sort clothes by color. In fact, this is like a game for the little bullies. With increasing age, the tasks in this regard can also be expanded again and again.

Let children help around the house - fold and put away laundry

After a certain point in time, they can also put their clothes in the closets, while school-age children can even put their clothes in the washing machine and fill them with washing powder and fabric softener, as well as hang up the laundry and fold the dry laundry. You can also teach them how to properly clean the washing machine. But you should still be present and watch out. If you start to involve the children in the household and washing clothes early on, you can assume that by the age of ten or eleven they will be able to wash, hang up and put away the laundry on their own.

Wash the dishes

Let children in the household wash the dishes

Children have to help around the house and preferably as early as possible, but as already mentioned, not all tasks are suitable for small children. So also washing the dishes. While loading the dishwasher can be learned earlier, classic washing at the sink is more for schoolchildren. Start by lathering and rinsing the dishes. At the age of seven or eight, children can dry off their wet dishes and put them in the cupboards. By the age of nine, children can turn on the dishwasher and clean up the dishes afterwards or do all of the washing up. Be sure to pay attention to safety when the children are supposed to help around the house. Pay particular attention to the handling of knives. Small children shouldn’t come into contact with it in the first place, while bigger ones have to learn to be extra careful with them.

Make the bed and tidy up the room

Having a budget for children can come in handy

If you would like the children to help with the household, this is also a suitable task. A made bed undoubtedly contributes to a tidy space. Therefore, show your offspring how this is done in good time. Even if it doesn’t always work out, it is still an advantage if your child knows how it works. Here, cuddly toys and decorative pillows should also be neatly set up, whereby you as adults should not make it difficult for the little ones with countless blankets and decorative pillows, which are rather useless. Leave only the bare essentials on the bed to make life as easy as possible for your child. When it’s older, a bedspread can also be added.

Teach children to keep the room tidy and tidy

In general, it is important that the little ones have a habit of keeping their own room tidy. So when children help in the household, this is part of it. After playing, the toys should be packed away again, dirty clothes should be in the laundry basket and the satchel in the designated place and not thrown in the middle of the room.

Sweep the floor

older children can learn to sweep and help with cleaning

Admittedly, as easy as this work may seem, it is definitely not for a child. Most likely, the dirt is just flying in a different direction instead of ending up in the shovel. Because of this, you can incorporate sweeping into the schedule when the child is around seven or eight years old. If you would like the children to help with the household and learn how to use the sweeper beforehand, you can try a hand brush, where you sweep the dirt into small piles and your child then sweeps it in the shovel. Even younger children can be included just by holding the shovel for you.

Include children in the household – Mop the floor

Children can learn to mop the floor with a mop

Mopping the floor with a mop is even harder for children. For this reason, it is advisable to choose this task from the age of nine or ten. Then explain how the water is prepared for mopping, which techniques work best for mopping and where all the utensils are stowed away later. It is important not to use a bucket that is too large when the children help with mopping around the house, as this becomes very heavy with water and strains the back when carried. Instead, either carry the bucket or use a suitable child-sized one. Also explain which floor needs to be cleaned and how. After all, different cleaning agents are used for tiles than, for example, for laminate or even parquet.

Children in the household – clearing out and mucking out toys

Learning to clean out and clear out for children and adults

This is something that is difficult even for us adults. It is all the more important to teach it to our children as early as possible. This is the only way to really create order. The best way for the children to learn this task is to watch you clear out your own things. You explain what you still need and what you don’t and why. Afterwards, you and your child can also get to work on their toys. A motivation has a stimulating effect. On the one hand, the children can sell their old toys and buy something new with the money they earn. Children also love to donate their things to a good cause. You will also learn to help those in need at the same time.