Clever cleaning: the best cleaning tips for the household

Granted, housework isn’t always fun. In the stressful everyday life, a lot of things simply stay at home. And faster than we’d like, a visible layer of dust has formed on the furniture again. But with the right strategy and a few useful tips, cleaning is much easier. How about a little music with it? Then cleaning is a lot more fun! Here are the best strategies and tips for cleaning your house. Clever cleaning made easy!

Clever cleaning: this will save you time

Clever cleaning Tips for early cleaning Save time

Those who clean regularly actually save time. According to the motto “fight back against the beginnings”, the kitchen is simply cleaned briefly immediately after use. Roughly vacuum dust once a week and then use a frond over bookshelves and furniture to prevent the thick layer of dust. On the other hand, if you wait until a crust has formed on the stove or the dust covers everything, you have a lot more work to do. Because then it is much more time-consuming to get everything sparkling clean again.

What rags and cleaning supplies do I need?

Spring cleaning what rags and detergents

The basic equipment is put together quickly. In private households 4-5 cleaners are generally sufficient, and household remedies such as vinegar or baking powder also help.

  • All-purpose cleaner for floors and surfaces
  • acidic cleaner for loosening limescale stains
  • Scouring milk
  • Kitchen cleaner / degreaser
  • Glass cleaner
  • WC cleaner

Things are a bit different with the rags, here you can easily get a small collection. So that the germs are not transmitted in the household, certain cloths should be used for certain purposes. Different colored cloths are recommended for better differentiation. Good microfiber cloths are particularly absorbent and make cleaning work much easier.

Clean cleverly: use innovative cleaning aids

clever cleaning innovative cleaning aids

Nowadays the market offers many innovative cleaning devices that can make work much easier. So why not use it? A small table vacuum cleaner is useful, for example, to vacuum away crumbs and other dirt in between. Window cleaning is faster with a window vacuum. This device is recommended for apartments with many large window areas.

With a Vacuum cleaner with wiping function all floors that can be damp-wiped can be cleaned in a short time. This device is recommended for houses and apartments with tiles and other hard floor coverings.

Cleaning cleverly: an overview of the cleaning strategies

Cleaning strategies save time and effort

With the right strategy, we save a lot of time in everyday life. It sounds simple, but it’s efficient. First it is tidied up, then it is cleaned. Because if nothing stands in the way, cleaning is much faster. The nice side effect is: The apartment is not only clean afterwards, but also tidy at the same time. An important golden rule in the household is: Always clean from top to bottom. So the dust is not whirled up again.

Mop floors properly

Clean cleverly and mop floors once a week

Floors are vacuumed first so that coarse dirt, hair etc. do not end up in the cleaning water later. Hard floors such as tiles or wooden floorboards are first dampened and then wiped dry again.

This also works for small areas with the good old scrubber and a pick-up. However, new cleaning systems such as a scrubber with a microfiber cover, a mop or an electric suction mop are more practical here too.

When mopping floors, the first thing to do is to clean the edges. Then the floors are wiped in figure eight. Wiping back and forth just spreads the dirt.

Important tip: When cleaning, always work backwards, the back of the room first, the door area last.

Window cleaning made easy

Window cleaning made easy useful tips

Windows are best cleaned with a rag, hot water and a little washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. A window squeegee is helpful for larger areas. It is important to clean the frames first. If the window frame is very dirty, it is best to use a separate cloth.

Then quickly and thoroughly pre-clean the panes with plenty of water. The excess water is removed with the puller. Alternatively, the panes can be rubbed dry with a microfiber cloth for windows.

Tip: Glass cleaners are only suitable for removing fingerprints and stains, they are not suitable for cleaning windows.

Calcified fittings and shower heads in the bathroom become like new overnight

Thoroughly clean bathroom fittings, wash basins and joints

Especially with hard tap water, they develop quickly: limescale stains. They can be easily removed with a vinegar cleaner. Heavily calcified faucets and shower heads will be clean again all by itself with an ingenious trick. For this purpose, a mixture of vinegar essence and water in a ratio of 1: 5 is placed in a balloon. The balloon is then placed over the mixer or shower head. Leave it on overnight and just rinse with clear water the next day – everything looks like new!

Remove stubborn fat-dust mixture in the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen properly - useful tips

Anyone who does not regularly wipe the cupboards or the refrigerator in the kitchen knows the stubborn build-up of dust and grease. A good kitchen cleaner or degreaser can be used for such greasy deposits. But it is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly with liquid gall soap. The gall soap is simply applied to the affected areas. After about 10 minutes, the topping can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Dust furniture regularly and clean upholstered furniture

Dusting and polishing wooden furniture. Spring cleaning

Untreated wooden furniture in particular should not be wiped wet. Furniture is best dusted once a week. This works very well with a feather duster or a soft microfiber cloth.

Extra tip: use the vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Many vacuum cleaners come with a soft brush for vacuuming furniture. This should also be used. With the soft brush, furniture and other surfaces can easily be vacuumed from time to time.

Upholstered furniture is best vacuumed with the upholstery brush of the vacuum cleaner. It’s not just easy, it’s quick too.

Tip for removing pet hair

Useful tips to remove pet hair from furniture

Our beloved pets’ hair can be quite a job. Upholstered furniture and carpets can be cleaned with special animal hair brushes. A simple and efficient method is to use a conventional lint roller. This makes it easy to remove animal hair from sofas and pillows.

The cleaning schedule for the perfect household

Cleaning schedule for household tasks for day, week and month

How often should something be cleaned?

There are different strategies for doing the housework. Some prefer to clean the bathroom one day and the kitchen the next. Another person may only have one day a week and then clean the whole apartment. Cleaning schedules and cleaning rules are often out of date because they date from a time when the woman was at home during the day to do the housework. Nevertheless, there are still a few tips and rules that we can adhere to and that are still suitable for everyday use today.

1.) It is best to wipe away the dirt as soon as you notice it.

2.) Maintenance cleaning refers to the cleaning of rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room or certain activities such as window cleaning, dusting, etc. This is best done once a week.

3.) Basic cleaning refers to activities for which we often don’t have time in everyday life, such as wiping out cupboards, scrubbing the tiled area in the bathroom or washing the curtains. This work takes place around twice a year.

House cleaning and cleaning, washing dishes

In addition, the following recommendations can serve as a guide:

Daily household chores

  • Shake up the duvets and air them
  • Load and empty the dishwasher or wash the dirty dishes by hand
  • Clean the worktop and stove in the kitchen after each use
  • Dispose of rubbish
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

Weekly work

  • Wipe dust off surfaces in the house
  • Mop the floors
  • Clean door handles and light buttons
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom and toilet area

Monthly work

  • Cleaning windows (twice in autumn, three times in spring and summer)
  • Empty the refrigerator and clean it thoroughly
  • Wipe mirror surfaces with a special cleaning agent
  • Wipe kitchen appliances and, if necessary, descale the washing machine and dishwasher

Several times a year

  • Wash and air the shower curtain
  • Clean the oven with oven cleaner
  • Varnish wooden furniture or impregnate it with a special care product

Once a year

  • Wash curtains and blinds
  • Muck out the larder and wardrobe and wipe the inside
  • Clean carpets