Keeping valuables safe – what options are there?

The number of break-ins in Germany has been rising steadily for years. Many people are therefore afraid for their belongings. Ground floor apartments in urban areas are particularly at risk. This is where burglars strike particularly often. But what options are there to keep valuables safe?

Germans like to hide their cash at home


In the course of the financial crisis in particular, many Germans withdrew their savings from their accounts and stored them at home. But even today, many savers hide large amounts of cash at home for fear of another banking crisis. Another reason they usually state is that they simply feel safer with a certain amount of cash in their own four walls.

Burglars know the common hiding places


Experts generally advise against hiding a lot of cash or very valuable items at home. Because the burglars are usually professionals who know the common hiding places in the toilet box, under the mattress or in the sugar bowl. Classic hiding places from films, such as the cavity behind a picture, in the freezer or in a hollowed-out book, are also known, so that thieves are very likely to find these hiding spots. One should definitely not underestimate burglars. They too have the opportunity to find out about new hiding methods via the Internet. Electrical devices should also be taboo as hiding places, for example in the fan of a computer. Since these are easy to sell in the market, thieves usually take these items with them first.

If you want to hide valuables, you should therefore look for a hiding place that is very difficult to discover. For example, a non-transparent mason jar that is hidden under a stack of other jars is a fairly safe hiding place. The same applies to valuables that in a full milk carton are hidden.

Bury valuables in the garden?


A hiding place that no thief is likely to find is a buried treasure in the garden. The buried property is too expensive and difficult to find. The valuables should then be buried in such a way that they really cannot be found under any circumstances, so preferably not in a conspicuous place such as a tree or a statue. Nevertheless, the owner must always be sure where his hiding place is so that he can then find his treasure again himself. It is also important that nobody finds out that valuables are buried in the garden. On the one hand, this means that no neighbor is allowed to watch the digger and, on the other hand, that the hiding place must be well camouflaged afterwards. Because a brown spot in the middle of an otherwise impeccable lawn is sure to attract attention. The hiding place should be at least 50 centimeters deep so that it is protected from moisture and cold. In addition, it is advisable to weld money and valuables in an airtight film so that they are protected from decay etc. While this method is relatively safe if done correctly, it is also less recommended. On the one hand, it is very expensive, on the other hand, the money is not available in this way.

The safe in your own house


A good solution is a safe like this one Security technology experts to buy there. It has the advantage that it can not only protect against break-ins, but also against damage caused by fire or water. However, the safe should have a total weight of at least 200 kilograms so that the thieves do not simply take it with them. Another option is to firmly anchor the safe in the foundation. This is possible, for example, with a floor or wall safe. These have the advantage that they can also be hidden with the help of a picture or carpet.


Experts do not recommend safes that can be opened with a key, as otherwise the burglar will turn the entire apartment upside down in order to find it. Above all, the safety cabinet should be selected according to its security level. It indicates how difficult it is to crack it. The amount with which an insurance company will insure the content is also based on the security level, as the table in this guide shows.

Money is safest at the bank


Even if the banking crisis has caused uncertainty across the country, money is still the safest place to go to a bank. The same also applies to valuables such as gold, jewelry or securities. Banks have lockers in which customers can deposit valuables for a fee. Many gold dealers also offer customers to keep valuables in their high-security vaults for them.

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10 DIY tools and accessories for the home – tips for basic equipment


Every now and then repairs are necessary in every household and hiring a craftsman for this is often very costly. With a little craftsmanship, the right DIY tools and accessories, anyone can do many household chores and renovations themselves. It’s even fun when you have the right tool at hand. In addition, a large number of tools are completely superfluous in everyday life and basic equipment is sufficient. In the following you will find out what it actually means.

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories – basic equipment

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories - basic equipment - tool case - hammer scissors

In the hardware store you are quickly overwhelmed by the wide range of products. Drills, screwdrivers, saws, pliers etc. are offered in several versions, but most of them are designed for a specific activity and are definitely not used on a daily basis. Advertised bargains are tempting, but mostly they show the first defects after a short period of use. When it comes to everyday objects, quality is always preferable to quantity, which is why it is better to have first-class home improvement basic equipment instead of saving a few euros. The conclusion: it is especially worthwhile to invest in functional tools and high-quality accessories.

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories – what exactly is needed in everyday life?

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories -basic equipment-home-garden-ladder-wooden ladder

1. One ladder belongs in every household. Banal, but still true, happen many accidents in the house during home improvement. This also includes falling off the ladder. Therefore, you should consider a few things when buying and pay attention to the stability of the model. A sturdy wooden stepladder that can be climbed on both sides is perfect for all repairs when you have to reach something higher. If you stand on a ladder, you definitely don’t have a free hand for tools, which is why hooks or storage trays are a great advantage for keeping other accessories close at hand. One example is a model that meets all the criteria here at Engelbert Strauss.

2. Tool case – So that tools and utensils are at hand and can be found quickly, it makes sense to store them properly. You can store everything clearly in a tool case with removable small parts insert. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different sizes made of plastic or metal.

3. hammer – A hammer is quickly needed in the household and is therefore an essential part of basic home improvement equipment. This is classic with a wooden handle that fits perfectly in the hand and is firmly connected to the head.

4th. screwdriver – An indispensable tool in everyday life is without a doubt the screwdriver, which is also widely known as a screwdriver. This allows screws to be attached and loosened. It is advisable to purchase flat and Phillips screwdrivers in different sizes (at least small and large) for basic DIY equipment. In addition, an Allen key can be useful for vehicle and machine repairs, as well as a voltage tester for determining the polarity when working with electricity.

Indispensable home improvement tools and accessories – hammer and pliers

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories - basic equipment - hammer pliers - repairs

5. tongs – A pair of pliers or nippers is used to hold and grasp individual workpieces and to pull out nails.

6th. Wrench – This allows screw and bolt connections to be fastened or loosened. Socket wrenches, which are usually included with suitable inserts, are particularly practical and flexible at work. A ratchet / cart is also used for hard-to-reach places.

7th. saw – For sawing different materials, e.g. B. wood or plastic, a hand saw is usually used, which must be supplied with electricity. A conventional hand hacksaw is usually sufficient for small repairs in the house and garden. Depending on what kind of material has to be treated, different sheets can also be attached to it.

8th. Cordless screwdriver / drill – Sometimes for home renovations, sometimes for furniture repairs, a cordless screwdriver or a hammer drill is also indispensable. The difference between the two devices is the amount of force required for the particular activity. For example, to drill holes in the wall to attach a large mirror or a curtain rod, a powerful hammer drill is required. On the other hand, in order to save effort and muscle power when tightening and loosening screws, but also to carry out numerous DIY jobs in a short time, a cordless screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery is recommended.

9. Nails, screws, dowels – A small parts box offers everything in one.

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories – folding rule and spirit level for correct work

do-it-yourself-tools-accessories-basic equipment-folding rule-meter stick-tips

10. Folding rule, metal tape measure and spirit level are indispensable accessories that ensure correct work when measuring and measuring. A spirit level with a length of around 40-60 cm is sufficient for use in the household, for example if you want to hang up pictures.

10 DIY tools and accessories – the perfect basis for every DIY enthusiast

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories - basic equipment - cordless screwdriver - metal tape screwdriver

With the tools and accessories listed, everyone will be perfectly equipped and prepared to carry out all kinds of household chores and repairs. When putting together your own tool box, you should buy a lot, but above all have the essentials. A tip: seals of approval above all guarantee high quality. If you pay attention to this when buying tools and not just look at the price, you will benefit from your new tool for a long time.

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Hide cash and valuables – the best hiding places in the apartment

Hide valuables against burglars and theft jewelery

Because of the last financial crisis and the low interest rates on savings, more and more Germans are keeping a large part of their money in cash, in most cases at home. However, almost no one is fully insured against burglary and the number of break-ins in Germany has been increasing for several years. However, if you have decided to keep some money and other valuables in the apartment, you should find or design a good or even several hiding places for it. You will find some of the best places in the home to find cash and Hide valuables can.

Where should one not hide money and valuables under any circumstances?

Hiding valuables under-mattress-unsafe-hiding-cash

If you want to hide your valuables well, consider the situation as a burglar first. Under no circumstances do thieves expect to find your cash just lying on the table. You have surely thought through all possible hiding spots beforehand and cannot be easily fooled. There are a few well-known hiding spots that should definitely be searched and avoided, such as under the mattress, in the dresser in the bedroom or behind the cistern in the bathroom.

Hiding valuables – children’s rooms as a safe hiding place

Hide valuables apartment-children's room-several-hiding spots

The children’s room is a safer hiding place than, for example, the living room or bedroom. Most burglars are more likely to find jewelry or money in the bedroom and less likely to search the nursery. Good hiding places here are in old toys that the little ones no longer play with or between unworn clothes in the closet. However, the valuables should be hidden in such a way that the children cannot find them by accident.

Make your own furniture with a secret compartment and hide valuables

Hide valuables diy hideaway drawer plywood panel

A well-known, but difficult to recognize hiding place are the drawers with secret compartments. You can even make a simple secret compartment yourself from a sheet of plywood and install it in any chest of drawers or even kitchen cupboards. If the drawer is filled with other items, you will certainly not notice a well-made secret compartment.

Install wrong wall sockets with storage space

Valuables hide flat-false-wall-socket-cash-jewelry

You can even hide valuables in the wall by making a hole in the wall and covering it with a fake wall socket. This is a perfect hiding place for small valuables and of course for cash too.

Keep valuables in an empty book


Although the hiding place in a book is well known, it can also be really practical. For example, if you have multiple books on the bookshelf, you can do this to your advantage and hide the book of valuables deep among the others. In most cases, the burglars do not have much time to spare and cannot open every book.

Hide jewelry and valuables behind a mural


A simple mural can also be turned into a good hiding place by adding a box to it. The thinner the body, the more unnoticed the hiding place. However, the idea is rather unsuitable for hiding cash, as the burglars could also check the murals.

Hide cash in the flower pot


Perhaps everyone knows the trick of hiding the key under a flower pot, but the thieves know it too. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the flower pot as a hiding place. You could bury a small jar or box with valuables or cash in the soil of a flower pot and cover it with the plant. The more pots of houseplants you have, the harder it is for someone with the money to find them.

Hide small valuables in hollowed out candles


Thick, decorative candles are also good for hiding small jewelry or some cash. You should simply hollow out the candle with a knife, hide the valuables and then, best of all, cover the hole with some paper and tape.

Creative hiding spots in the kitchen


The kitchen has several hiding spots that are difficult to find. Small valuables are hidden in small sugar bowls deep in the kitchen cupboard, or in secret compartments in the drawers. Under some kitchen appliances, such as the dishwasher, there is an empty compartment that is perfect for hiding important documents and cash.

Hide valuables or cash in the refrigerator

hiding valuables-flat-fridge-money-wrong-food-cans

You could also hide cash and some valuables in the refrigerator. You can realistically paint old food cans or jars and hide money in them. Packaging with aluminum foil could also cover up all traces of valuables.

Hide valuables under the kitchen cupboard

hiding valuables-apartment-kitchen-jewelry-hiding

There is usually an empty compartment behind the skirting boards in the kitchen, which can easily be used to hide valuables such as money and jewelry. This is a safe and creative hiding place because most thieves didn’t think about it at all.

Install the wrong PVC pipe in the garage and hide valuables


If you have a garage or a basement, you can put a fake PVC pipe somewhere and hide your valuables in it. Burglars usually do not search the pipeline at all, so you can keep your valuables safe this way.

Hiding valuables in the apartment – the laundry room as a hiding place


The laundry room also has some good hiding spots for valuables. Empty bottles of detergent, for example, can keep your cash safe and a secret compartment in the laundry basket or wardrobe can even hide larger items.

Disguising valuables at home as food


Valuables can also be hidden in food packaging, but you should be careful that another member of the family does not accidentally throw the packaging away. However, this is a very good idea if you want to hide valuables on the beach. Regardless of how good and safe your hiding place in the apartment appears, you should always reserve the right to ensure that thieves can also look for possible hiding places on the Internet.

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Ink stains on furniture & textiles: what’s the best way to remove them?


Office furniture such as desks and shelves are mostly affected, but sometimes the sofa or other furnishings are also affected: when printer ink comes into contact with furniture, you need to act quickly. The ink stubbornly sticks. It should do that too, but only on paper!

Quick response prevents stains

remove-ink-stains-quick-reaction-paper-towel-all-purpose cleaner

A thoughtless moment and the sheet of paper lands with the printed side down on the furniture surface. It looks particularly critical when the ink contains color pigments. As described in more detail on this page, In contrast to water-based paints, they are smudge-proof. A very useful property – but only if the ink sticks where it belongs.

ink-stain-removal-printer-ink-wine glass-color pigments

Before the ink has time to dry out, you should pick up the stain with a paper towel. If the stain is already dry, all-purpose cleaner can be a good help in removing it. However, completely dried ink can no longer be completely removed – especially annoying if the living room has just been renovated with new, high-quality tiles. Whether on stone, marble, wood or plastic – pigmented printing inks in particular often prove to be very stubborn. A solution that may be successful: soak the stain with a splash of ammonia and then wash it off with soapy water.

Carpet, pillow & Co. – Remove stains on textiles


If there is an ink stain on the carpet or other textiles, it is important to intervene quickly. Hairspray has proven its worth in the fight against ink stains. The chemical properties of the ingredients are able to completely remove the printer ink. Simply spray on briefly, leave on for about half an hour and then wash off with warm water. A splash of detergent or vinegar are also good partners for washing out the stain. Textiles that can be machine washed can be treated with a drop of rubbing alcohol before washing.

remove-ink-stains-vinegar-washing-up liquid-carpet

Always stay on the carpet – but please not like that! Carpet fibers are particularly sensitive when they come into contact with printer ink. A quick treatment with hairspray is also recommended here. Then treat the stain with a sponge and warm soapy water. You should try not to rub the stain further into the fibers, but instead carefully dab the ink stain with the sponge and pick it up.

ink-stain-sponge-absorb-textiles-soapy water

Pictures: © CC0

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Cleaning the oven: home remedies and helpful tips for easy cleaning

Cleaning the oven ingenious-tricks-cleaning-home-remedy-ideas

Cleaning the oven can take a long time and ultimately fail to produce successful results. The burnt-in food residues can settle as stubborn encrustations and can sometimes not be removed even by laborious scrubbing. To save yourself the hard work, in this article we introduce some helpful cleaning tips and home remedies to help you quickly and effectively Clean the oven can.

Cleaning the Oven – Timely Actions for a Clean Stove

Clean the oven after-every-use-wipe-out the microfiber cloth

Cleaning the oven is usually an unpopular housework and is often postponed for a later date. This means that the stove becomes even dirtier and harder to clean with every further use. You should therefore try to clean the oven regularly to prevent heavy soiling.

Cleaning the oven – first steps

Cleaning the oven clean the detergent-get-microfibre-cloths

If the oven is already heavily soiled, cleaning agents will help. Cleaning is always easier if you remove small parts from the oven beforehand, if possible, and clean them separately. The actual cleaning should then begin with soaking the dirt, which will make the process a lot easier. Then you should get suitable cleaning agents and tools, such as a microfiber cloth and toothbrush, that are suitable for your oven.

Clean the oven with household remedies

Oven cleaning home-remedies-without-chemicals-vinegar-baking powder-soda

Before you buy expensive cleaning agents for the oven, you can first try some tried and tested home remedies yourself. They are perfect for lightly soiled ovens, but can also remove harder grease stains. Simple home remedies have less of an impact on the environment and do not give off a strong odor in the oven. It’s worth trying.

Clean the oven with baking soda

Cleaning the oven - baking-powder-water-baking-powder-paste-making-cleaning-the stove

Baking soda is a popular home remedy for cleaning various surfaces and dirt. It can be used in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen and ensures satisfactory results. With a homemade baking powder paste, the oven can be cleaned without taking a long time. To make the paste, mix a packet of baking powder with 3 tablespoons of water to a pulp. Then put the pulp on the soiled areas, leave it on for about 30 minutes and finally rub it off with a damp cloth. With this cleaning method, you can not only clean the oven, but also clean the microwave.

Remove dirt with simple baking soda or soda lye

Oven-cleaning-soda-soda-mixing-water-filling-the spray-bottle

Soda has a similar effect to baking powder and can also be used to clean stubborn dirt. If you mix a tablespoon of washing soda with a liter of water and fill it in a spray bottle, you make a soda solution that you can also use to clean the oven. Simply spray the interior of the oven with it, let it soak and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Ingenious tricks for the household – clean the oven with salt


Salt is a home remedy that everyone has at home and can be used against fat and burnt things in the oven. First moisten the dirty areas in the oven and sprinkle with table salt until a white layer is formed. Then heat the oven to 50 degrees until the salt turns brown. After the interior has cooled, it is best to brush out the salt so that you do not damage the surface. Finally, wipe the oven with a damp cloth.

Clean the oven and neutralize odors

oven-cleaning-lemon-water-lemon-juice-mixing-steam cleaning

With the juice of a lemon you can also try to clean the dirty oven and especially its walls. The juice is diluted with a little water and put in a refractory form. Then put the mold in the oven and heat it up until the liquid evaporates. The resulting steam softens burned-off items and dirt and they are then easily wiped off. As a home remedy, lemon not only helps to clean the oven, it can also neutralize unpleasant odors.

Remove small amounts of dirt with vinegar

oven-cleaning-vinegar-washing-up liquid-spray bottle-kitchen towels

Simple fat residues can easily be removed with vinegar. It dissolves the fats quickly and effectively, while also neutralizing the unpleasant odor. However, if you should clean a heavily soiled oven, you should use another home remedy, as the vinegar cannot help with heavily burnt-in fats. However, if you mix the vinegar with half a bottle of washing-up liquid, a solution is created that could also help against stubborn dirt. The vinegar dish soap will also help with crusted baking trays that are difficult to clean. In this case, you should leave the solution on overnight and simply rinse off the next morning.

Clean the oven grids

Oven-cleaning-oven-grate-cleaning-steel-wool-cleaning aids

Steel cleaning pads, steel wool and scouring milk are practical cleaning aids, but they are unsuitable for hobs and ovens with surfaces made of glass ceramic, stainless steel or enamel. They can leave scratch marks and thus damage the devices. An oven grille, on the other hand, can be perfectly cleaned with steel wool and flashes again in no time at all.

Oven cleaning made easy


Dried-on dirt and crusts in the oven can be removed with this great tip. You should put an ovenproof bowl with soft soap in the dirty oven and heat it to 100 degrees for an hour. The dirt can then be easily wiped off without the hassle of scrubbing.

Clean the oven with shaving foam instead of oven spray


The shaving foam is perfect for cleaning the dirty oven. It can be used directly on the dirty areas instead of oven cleaners, but is not an environmentally friendly household remedy, but is similar to oven sprays. If you want to clean the oven with shaving foam, simply spray the foam on the grease stains and dirt, leave it to work for a while and then the dirt can be cleaned off. You can either remove the smell of the shaving foam with vinegar, or by heating the oven empty. With a few repetitions, you can also remove old, crusty fat and food particles.

Clean the oven with special cleaning agents

oven-cleaning-special-detergents-oven-cleaner-gloves-microfiber cloth

If the above household remedies do not help to clean the oven, the oven cleaners come to the rescue. However, the special cleaning agents are toxic and should be kept out of the reach of children. When cleaning with it, always use gloves to protect the skin of your hands. The best oven cleaners have an exposure time of 20-30 minutes and soften the crusts and dirt in such a way that they can then be removed much more easily.

Clean the oven door


The oven window gets dirty very quickly and you can no longer see the food in the oven well through it. Home remedies such as baking soda or vinegar can also be used on the oven door. The viewing window can also be easily cleaned with scouring milk, but you have to use a dry sponge for this. Only then can you wipe off the dark streaks with a damp cloth and have a clean oven pane again.

Helpful cleaning tips for the oven

Oven-cleaning-gloves-microfibre-cloth-cleaning-the outside

Regardless of whether you have decided on a special cleaning agent or a household remedy, you should always allow enough time for the cleaning agent to work properly. You should also try to prevent heavy soiling by wiping out the oven after each cooking or baking. This saves you time and money on expensive cleaning agents at the same time.

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Installing clothes horse extendable or hanging – designs for drying racks

drying racks made of wood rustic white space-saving solution for every room

The laundry area of ​​your house or apartment may not be where you want to spend a lot of time. Many people air dry their clothes and wonder how much time it takes to carry a pile of laundry from the laundry room to the basement. If you install an extendable or hanging clothes horse, you don’t necessarily have to carry the pile of clothes outside. It really is a lot of work, especially when you have other things to do. And when it starts raining, you have to carry the laundry back in and out to the laundry room. Because of this, you can consider a drying rack instead. Here are some practical solutions if you want to have an extendable or hanging drying rack installed.

Install clothes horse pull-out and space-saving

stylish mobile drying rack aluminum rods rotatable fold-out laundry basket garments

Well, you don’t have to go through all of that anymore as advances in technology have made it happen. Imagine a laundry room that is so versatile that you can actually let your clothes slide out or hang dry on a rack or drying rack. In this way, the laundry can dry easily and not only save time and energy, but also space. Below are some of the options available to you in this regard.

Fold-out system mount on the wall place appliances in the kitchen

The laundry rack is one of those things that we don’t attach enough importance to. Just like the dish rack, it’s an important item that we use on a regular basis. It seems necessary, efficient and practical for hanging clothes after washing. Therefore, the choice of the right clothes horse, pulling out or hanging, is sometimes imperative. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that drying racks don’t have to stand out. The simpler they are, the better you can design your living area.

Different designs

retro style with stylish wooden drying rack hanging from the ceiling

This is a very functional addition to your laundry room that you can install in the form of an extendable or hanging clothes horse. It’s designed so that you can close it like a window when you’re not using it. When you want to use the drying rack, you can just open it and hang up your wet clothes. You can have as many of these in the laundry room as you want as they hardly take up any space. Such a drying rack is a great idea when space is tight in your home. For a custom design, you can always hire a kitchen or cabinet designer.

Drying rack for drawers

laundry room drawer clothes rack extendable kitchen with white cupboards to save space

This is another stylish way to dry your clothes without taking up laundry room space. In addition, you don’t have to be exposed to the strain of taking your clothes out to dry and then back in again. The model has the shape of an extendable frame on which you can hang your clothes. If you use this pull-out drying rack for drying, it looks flat and thus saves space in the room. This can also be equipped with a ball-bearing sliding system as standard. Thus, pulling out is very easy. A professional kitchen and cabinet designer needs a custom drawer frame. It’s another space-saving design for small houses and apartments.

Hanging pole

metal tube on the wall clothes hanging drying rack laundry room washing machine cupboards

This particular drying rack is designed to fit as close to the wall as possible so that it doesn’t take up any space. It has two straight bars and between 2 and 5 cross bars. When using this type of rack, make sure that clothes that are already dry are not only dampening wet clothes in case you have them to hang at the same time. It is also space efficient and can be built by a kitchen and cabinet designer.

Further examples

Extendable clothes horse wall-mounted ikea also suitable for bathtub sinks

So your laundry area should be a convenient place to hang your clothes without having to take up space all over the living room. Use these creative and stylish methods of drying and see how much the laundry doesn’t look so bad anymore.

wall-mounted drying racks fold-out clotheslines clothes laundry basket tiles wet room

To save space, try a wall-mounted drying rack that can only be folded down when needed. You can install it on one of the walls in your laundry room. Or maybe you want to install it closer to the floor if the room has multiple windows. Position the drying rack so that the clothes don’t touch the floor or furniture when you hang them up to dry.

practical design for the interior with pull-out in the kitchen

This type of clothes horse for the wall is very space-saving. The stand virtually blends into the wall when it is not needed, as it can be easily folded up vertically. Just make sure he’s not surrendered in this position.

Create imaginative

Dark brown wardrobe furniture for storage mirror and clothes horse

If you don’t have enough space in your laundry room, or you don’t even have one, you need to be smart about choosing the right clothes horse. Obviously, a custom version would be the best solution, and you can add hooks, magnets, and wooden strips yourself.

wood folds out over worktop drying rack laundry room washing machine pictures shelves

These wing shelves are really handy. They take up little space, stay flush with the wall when not in use, and can hold a lot of clothing, especially shirts. You can even place them in a corner of your laundry room.

laundry rack hanging from the ceiling white stairwell bedding plants decoration

If there is no more free space on the walls, hang your clothes on the ceiling. It is a drying rack that hangs from the ceiling and offers enough space for a full load. With a pulley system you can pull the cords up and down.

ikea dry laundry storage tower shelf at the w

This shelf extends from the floor almost to the ceiling in the laundry room. It stands where it doesn’t block or hinder anything, while the laundry can be hung on the rails above the washing machine and doesn’t take up valuable space.

Single metal rod along the ceiling in the washroom clothes hanging from the window

A single metal frame can be sufficient if it is long enough. You can use coat hangers for shirts and pants on it. That way, when they’re dry, you can just take these off and put them right in the dresser.

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Hanging ironing board – tips for attaching wall mount or ironing board mount

ironing board hanging tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount at home solution table ironing board ironing table mount ironing station

Of the many household chores, ironing sheets or clothes is perhaps the most strenuous, especially if you want to hang up your ironing board afterward. Two other elements often add to the effort involved in the work. The first is to find the ironing board in the meanders of your washroom. The second cause of discomfort is that you either need to buy or assemble a suitable wall mount for it before you can hang an ironing board.

Often times it is uncomfortable to get the ironing board out of the closet while bending forward and taking your back in an ill-placed position. If your space is also small and cramped, then you must try not to bump into a shelf, door, or wall. Finding the right solution for storing ironing boards in small apartments doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Hanging the ironing board – ideas for a compact ironing station

ironing board hanging tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount at home solution table ironing board ironing shirts

If you are a person who puts an organized and tidy home at the center, your attention is likely always on a practical storage solution. They should normally be used to organize the bulky but still needed items in the laundry room in the best possible way.

ironing board hang up tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount at home solution modern buy foldable closet fixing iron

Due to a lack of space, it can actually happen that you cannot have all the household appliances you need to hand in your home. The cumbersome dimensions also sometimes make it impossible to mount the ironing board on the wall in order to keep these accessories always available. Here’s a simple guide if you want to hang your ironing board and keep it handy somewhere close by. Just follow our simple tips to mount a small ironing board and the ironing board bracket you need on the wall.

Place ironing board for ironing station

ironing board hanging tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount at home store solution diy or buy folding wall mounting iron

If you have a small steam ironing board or an active ironing board, you must first decide where to position or mount it accordingly. The chosen location should be as spacious as possible to allow a certain degree of freedom of movement. Small washrooms are usually used for this, but if you don’t have one, then at least try to avoid any obstacles. It is therefore important to choose a suitable area where you can hang the ironing board and hide it at the same time.

ironing board hanging tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount at home store solution diy or buy hinged door fixing iron

One idea would be to attach the ironing board bracket to part of the wall behind a door. In this case, however, it is important to ensure that there is also enough space there. If this is an access door, you must be able to open and close it. Once you’ve chosen the location, there are two alternatives. The first is to fold the ironing board to a wooden board with two hooks. The second option is to make your job easier by drilling holes for the hooks directly on the wall.

Measure carefully when hanging an ironing board

ironing board hanging tips fixing wall mount ironing board mount store at home solution table ironing board mount rotate 3d wall

A useful tip for securing the ironing board to the wall would be to carefully take all measurements in advance. In addition to a precise calculation of the rooms, it is important to optimally estimate the different heights. This will save you unnecessary effort and avoid any wrongly drilled holes on the wall. Because of this, you need to correctly calculate the distance between the point where you hang an ironing board and the rest of the objects in the room. It is also necessary to take into account the length between the places to be drilled and the ground. In fact, it must be at least 10 cm longer than the ironing board.

Get the right materials and tools

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To mount a bracket on the wall with hooks when you hang your ironing board, it is of great importance what building materials and materials you will buy for it. As a rule, you can attach the bracket bracket to a shelf, which must be correspondingly robust enough.

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Also, take the weight of the flat board into consideration and remember that it can also be too heavy for the wall bracket. Before undertaking any type of assembly, it is advisable to ensure that the plate is sturdy. The hooks have to be just as strong so that your hanging board can last a long time.

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Also, avoid using tools that you are not really familiar with. If you hang an ironing board, it can take some time to assemble. In addition, construction materials and tools are not always easy to use. The advice in this case would be to carefully familiarize yourself with screws, drills, screwdrivers, and other tools if you are inexperienced with them. There are also two other reasons for this.

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Indiscriminate use of a drill / driver runs the risk of significantly damaging the wall. If you have drilled the holes at the wrong distance or too deep in the wall surface, the cost of the ironing board can get cheap or very expensive. As a result, you will either need to repair the damaged part by yourself or have a handyman do the job. You can also harm yourself, and there is also a risk of injuring yourself if you use it incorrectly. In such cases, use an alternative material such as hot glue that is suitable for wood. You will definitely find the associated classic glue guns on the market.

Use a coat hanger

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However, if you don’t dare to do such a DIY project, there is another option if you want to hang up your ironing board. Our suggestion in this case would be to buy a coat hanger or get one out of the closet. You can then simply screw this to the desired wall section and then hang the ironing board or ironing board holder on it. You just have to make sure that the hooks are positioned at the correct distance.

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Mucking out properly: 5 helpful tips to make tidying up easier

A lot of stuff accumulates over the course of a lifetime. The average Western European is said to own around 10,000 items. To part with unnecessary ballast is not that easy for many people. If you want to clean out your home properly, you should therefore carefully plan the process. The following five tips will make tidying up easier.

muck out properly useful tips for keeping your home tidy Put away your clothes

Material prosperity has given us cluttered shelves and full cellars. Even as a child we were told to take good care of things at school, so that later on we will earn an income with which we can buy everything. If you do not have enough money in your account, you can now relatively easily access loan portals such as Instant Loans 24 Get a loan to fulfill your consumption dreams – often even without a Schufa request.

We are already in the hamster wheel of consumption. Work to consume, work even more to pay off consumer debts. More and more people are currently discovering that they only need a fraction of what they have. Possessions rarely make you happy. They are often a burden. Breaking up with it can be liberating. The first step will be much easier with the following five tips for mucking out.

Mucking out properly: 1. Set realistic goals

Mucking out properly Tips for tidy wardrobes and shoe closets

Once the decision to muck out has been made, we often gush with motivation. But mostly disillusionment sets in in the first few minutes. The crowds overwhelmed and let no light appear at the end of the tunnel. The plan to clean out the whole apartment this weekend comes to a standstill before you have even really started tidying up.

To avoid this, it helps to set realistic goals. Instead of wanting to muck out everything that has been accumulated over decades in just one weekend, it often makes more sense to take care of a closet, drawer or something similar every day. Time units of 15 minutes also work well. These little milestones are much less off-putting. However, it is then important to remain consistent.

Mucking out properly: 2. Start with the simple

Useful tips for tidying up your home create order

If you start mucking out with your beloved cuddly toy collection, you spoil your mood and destroy your motivation. On the other hand, those who start with the simpler things can quickly experience success and remain motivated. A feeling of inner satisfaction quickly sets in, so that suddenly it no longer seems so dramatic to part with some of the possessions originally advertised as indispensable.

Mucking out properly 3. Develop dispensing strategies

Make a plan and follow tips for a tidy home

Those who already find it difficult to part with things are even more unpleasant when they know that their “collected works” will end up on the trash. Especially since that is anything but sustainable and minimalist. Anyone who carelessly throws away things that can still be used destroys valuable resources and does not appreciate their value.

It is better to put things that can be dispensed with in good hands. As good as new products and goods that are still in good condition can be sold on eBay classifieds, for example. So you even get something out of it. If there is no buyer, you can always give away the things that have been sorted out. In this way you make someone else happy and save yourself the waste of disposal. Ultimately, anything is better than disposing of it in the landfill.

Mucking out properly: 4. Question the purpose

Correctly muck out plan and tips with the 4 box method

If you pick up an object while mucking out, it helps to ask yourself every time what purpose the product serves. Do I even remember why I got it? Do I use it regularly? Do I have several of the same products? Does the object make me happy or it robs me of my time? If this question cannot be answered satisfactorily, the subject is obviously superfluous.

Mucking out properly: 5. 4-box method

Tips for a tidy apartment Hand in old clothes and save space

In order not to lose track of things when mucking out, the four-box method has proven to be helpful. The first box contains everything you want to keep. In the second box are the things that you want to give away. The third box contains things that cannot be expected of anyone else and which are therefore finally disposed of. And the fourth box is for everything that is still undecided and would like to endure the decision.

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