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Wooden privacy fence – suitable types of wood and treatment

Privacy fence made of wood-types of wood-spruce-house-modern-slats

With the warm time you move outside, to the garden. The pure enjoyment of using your own outdoor area, regardless of whether it is a part of the garden, balcony or terrace, can be spoiled by the uninterrupted uninterrupted view of the private sphere. In order to counteract this danger and to keep the area as natural as possible, a ensures Privacy fence made of wood for remedy. You can find out which properties each type of wood produces in the article.

Privacy fence made of wood – treated or natural

Privacy fence made of wood - types of wood - gray - untreated - of course

A privacy fence made of wood can be used for other purposes besides protecting privacy – e.g. as a climbing vine or to divide the ridges in areas. In addition, wooden panels are often used to cover unsightly elements such as compost bins or confusing masonry. The attractive appearance of the natural material sets design accents in the garden and creates a cozy atmosphere. Hemic, such as larch, Douglas fir, spruce, etc. or tropical woods are characterized by different properties, but above all with longevity.

Privacy fence made of wood – airy fencing made of slats

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-slats-modern-carpeted lawn-raised bed

The wood material should be really resistant for exposure outdoors and, above all, have a good price-performance ratio, since the rectangular or floor fence is about large cover areas. However, not only the type of wood plays an important role, but the sensible construction, which can last longer than the high-quality wood, but also the superficial treatment, such as glaze or impregnation.

Modern privacy fence made of wood for terrace and garden

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-cedar-wood-modern-planter-concrete

Privacy fence made of wooden slats that appear light and airy appears very modern. They are mainly made of knot-free hardwood and delight with their natural, oiled wooden surface. It is important to know the types of wood that are unsuitable for outdoor use and lack durability – ash, achorn, beech, despite their hardness.

Privacy fence made of wood in combination with a grid

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-bangkirai-lawn-terrace-concrete-slab-brick

Lattice elements and privacy fences made of wood can be cleverly combined and at the same time provide the necessary stability. Steel posts thus remain a design element and do not appear strange between the wooden panels. It is worth integrating the moving parts in the grid, since such prefabricated parts are ideal.

Privacy fence made of wood – glazed larch

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-larch-house-street-modern

To protect the larch wood of the fence, it is advisable to use a thin layer of glaze and to refrain from repainting if a natural look is achieved. Opaque paints will quickly penetrate the wood resin and the paint can peel off.

Privacy fence made of wood – untreated larch

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-larch-gray-natural-untreated

Larch wood has a special property, which is why it is particularly popular. You can save yourself having to paint the fence, as it turns gray if left untreated. One thing you should take into account is that this graying happens irregularly and does not give a uniform picture, especially in the first year, but a very natural one.

Privacy fence made of wood – spruce

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-larch-garden-lawn-birch

Spruce and pine are often used for garden fences, which can last for several decades if the materials and construction are sustainable. When treating the surface, it is important to consider that pine wood absorbs more impregnating agents than spruce.

Hedge and privacy fence made of wood for the small terrace of a city apartment

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-slats-small-chair-table-hedge

Under certain conditions, it is worthwhile to use a privacy fence made of modified wood that has been made particularly durable using a special technical process. They are very dry and do not work much, which is an advantage especially with elongated fence elements. Another possibility is provided by fences made of WPC, which unfortunately are not possible with every system. They do not need any additional treatment because they consist of 75% wood fibers and 25% polymeric binders.

Privacy fence made of wood – teak

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-teak-dog-lawn-doors

Teak is well known for its extraordinary resilience and is cultivated and harvested worldwide due to its high quality. Its surface is very robust and flame retardant, weatherproof and dimensionally stable, which is why it is particularly popular in damp areas. Its resin makes it insensitive to pests and fungi.

Privacy fence made of wood – tropical woods in the pool area

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-teak-tropical wood-pool-modern

The heartwood is yellow and later becomes vividly streaked brown with typical black veins. Due to its excellent properties, it is in the upper price segment and can only be machined with carbide-tipped tools.

Terrace roofing, privacy fence and bench made of Bangkirai wood 

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-bangkirai-terrace roofing-bench

A privacy fence from Bangkirai is characterized by its particularly attractive appearance and extreme durability. The wood presents itself in shades from yellow to brown with light stripes and darkens over time. Because of its hardness, it is difficult to work on and only with suitable tools, but it should not be impregnated or additionally treated against fungi or pests. As an outdoor use, Bangkirai is an excellent, long-lasting investment that comes at a price.

Achieve a modern, exotic effect with a privacy fence made of tropical wood

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-tropical wood-terrace-garden furniture-metal-modern

All tropical woods offer excellent stability and resistance under extreme climatic conditions, which is why they are very popular for outdoor use. Another positive feature is the low maintenance effort, as the surface should not be impregnated and is nevertheless very resistant to fungi and pests.

Modern garden – privacy fence made of wood in two colors

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-carpet lawn-gray-natural wood-concrete-raised bed

In the past, the fences were glazed in color or painted white. Today the paint serves as a connecting design element between the materials and is only used as an accent. In modern city apartments there is a need for higher privacy fences and at the same time the masonry or tiled surfaces are more. Then it looks visually more appealing if part of the fence is designed in a color similar to the floor covering.

Modern garden design with a privacy fence made of wood and brick plant beds 

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-modern-slats-flowerbed-concrete-lawn carpet

Wood, concrete and greenery work very well together and present a harmonious overall picture when all the design elements are balanced. Grow climbing plants on the privacy fence panels and if there is no possibility for natural lawn, cover part of the concrete terrace with green carpet lawn.

Wooden privacy fence painted white 

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-white-climbing plants-terrace slabs-concrete

The privacy fence made of wood can be assembled as desired and in some places can even be used as a climbing vine. Climbing plants are particularly effective on a white painted wooden wall. To avoid making these look old-fashioned, make the fence horizontal instead of vertical.

Modern wooden privacy fence facing the street – combination of gray and natural look 

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-modern-street-wood-gray.jpg

Interesting combinations give the wooden privacy fence a new, modern look. Gray asserts itself as a popular color for interior and exterior designs and combined with the natural wood look creates a different look. Set accents and consider the overall picture before you decide to paint the wooden fence.

Privacy fence made of wood in gray – lamellar fence

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-garu-painted-slats-modern-bichsbaum

Privacy fence made of wooden slats painted in gray is the latest trend in the modern urban garden. Slats appear light and airy, the gray creates a connection with the concrete slabs for the ground cover. The gray color brings out the rich green color of the plants and lawns very well. With a small area and when a functional, low-maintenance garden design is required, it is advisable to opt for a privacy fence in gray.

Privacy fence made of wood, hedge and brick wall

Privacy fence-wood-types of wood-gray-natural-climbing plants-garden furniture-metal

A privacy fence made of wood offers several advantages and can be wonderfully combined with other building materials such as masonry, concrete and steel. Wood, on the other hand, creates a smooth transition between plants and stable fencing.