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Wooden garden furniture for cozy hours with the family

Wooden garden furniture with pillows

Lovely Wooden garden furniture invite you to spend your free time and meals together with family and friends outdoors. Whether you only spend the afternoon, the whole weekend or the holiday at home, the ambience must be chosen appropriately so that you can also feel comfortable outside your four walls.

Choose wooden garden furniture according to the people in the family


First of all, of course, you need a comfortable dining table with enough seats. The size of the seating area is best chosen depending on how many people your family consists of or how many guests you regularly receive. If you only have a two-person household, a cozy set for the wooden garden furniture is sufficient, consisting of a small table with four to five chairs.

Wooden garden furniture – the loungers

Lounger made of wood in a dark version

In order to be able to have a nice rest after dinner and possibly take a nap, you need the right loungers. Whether with a height-adjustable backrest or in the form of a swing, with the wide range of this type of wooden garden furniture available today, you are guaranteed to have no problem finding something that suits your taste.

A cozy sitting area

Teak garden furniture

Would you also like a sitting area where you can comfortably relax and chat? Then wooden sofas are ideal in combination with armchairs and a nice wooden coffee table. Give the outdoor area an additional charm by decorating the wooden garden furniture with pretty cushions and cushions.

Garden furniture on the large terrace or veranda


If you have a large terrace, the best option would of course be to combine all this wooden garden furniture. So, depending on your needs, you can either relax, have a meal or sunbathe.

It is best to buy teak garden furniture


Different types of wood are available for all wooden garden furniture. The only difference is in durability and care. Investing in teak is recommended as it can last a lifetime without spending a lot of time maintaining it. But all other types of wood are also suitable, provided you protect them from strong sunlight and other weather conditions such as snow and rain.


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