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Weekend house with garden – tips for cozy design

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A nice weekend house or a garden are the cheapest ways to escape the everyday stress in the city. You can not only spend the weekends there, but also your summer vacation. This is especially true if you have children, the sea is far away or you do not have the financial means to go on vacation with the whole family. Because in Weekend house with garden you can spend the whole summer without worrying about the rising bill of the hotel room. Take advantage of the benefits it brings. With a little work, you can turn it into a true paradise in the middle of nature, where the whole family can feel comfortable.

The garden of your weekend house with a garden is not just for workweekend house-garden-vacation-vila-white-pool-palms-lounge chairs-white

In August, when everything is planted and tidy, in bloom or ready for harvest, the work in the garden can be reduced and you can finally relax and rest and enjoy nature. Usually life is in the Weekend house with garden or in the garden during the summer mainly outdoors, in the fresh air and in the midst of nature. You can sunbathe in the garden, take a nap in the cool shade, dream away or just watch your pretty flowers. There you are your own master. You can invite guests and have a picnic or barbecue. With some means, you have the opportunity to create a wonderful vacation spot that everyone dreams of.

An outdoor area outside the weekend house with a garden

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The outdoor area in the countryside does not necessarily have to be directly on the Weekend house with garden because proximity has its advantages, but it can also have its disadvantages. You can design it outdoors on a terrace or in the middle of the garden. The area should ideally be level. As already mentioned, a tiled terrace, another place, the lawn under the treetop of an old tree or a pavilion are suitable for this. The roof that the room has can also be used on rainy days to sit outside.

Design the terrace

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You can also use an old canopy or canopy that you can turn into a cozy area with little money and a little work. It would be even cheaper if you had the terrace from Weekend house with garden convert it into a room that is an extension of the interior of the house. If possible, it should have a direct exit into the garden and be covered. Fortunately, nowadays there are many different options for this, such as transparent canopies made of polycarbonate or classic canopies made of wood, covered with traditional bricks. Choose a variant that best suits the architecture of the Weekend house with garden fits. Pavilions look particularly pretty, especially when they are overgrown with climbing plants or covered with straw mats or colorful fabrics. While this variant is not the safest way to protect you from rain or hail, it offers refreshing shade and protection from the sun.

Attractive terrace with cobblestones

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Also, think about items that will interfere with the outdoor room Weekend house with garden and connect to the garden. For example, use the stones that adorn the walls, the stone slabs or tiles that you used as flooring and let them overflow into a garden path or put up some planters with pretty flowers. Whether you like the style in the room Weekend house with garden or choose your own style and which one depends entirely on your taste. The possibilities are many. You can choose a modern, Asian, or classic style. With the country house style, you have the option of using more wood for construction and decorations made of wood. An old barrel, for example, can become an original flower pot or serve as a table leg. In your garden  Weekend house with garden you can put up an old carriage wheel that you painted nicely beforehand. Let your imagination run wild.

Beautify the garden with planters and flower pots


Under the canopy from Weekend house with garden, that you have converted into a lounge, you can set up garden furniture and distribute colorful flower pots with pretty, blooming flowers. You can also use sympathetic, decorative elements according to your taste and show your own style. Even the window sill or niche in the lounge of yours Weekend house with garden can be used to set up decorations. All that is still missing is a nice tablecloth, a fruit bowl with fresh fruit, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the garden and colorful cushions for the chairs and you can assume that this area will be the favorite place of the whole family. If the lounge of your Weekend house with garden If there is enough space, you can also add a bed to take an afternoon nap on. Also, don’t forget to plant pretty flowers nearby. Their pleasant scent and the beautiful flowers create an additional, cozy atmosphere.

Add an outdoor kitchen to the garden cottage

Outdoor kitchen design ideas natural stone garden

If you are outside of the Weekend house with garden, near the area to relax, add a kitchen, that would be a great idea. Because not only coffee and dinner are more pleasant in the fresh air, but cooking too. This outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be something big right away. All you need is an area protected from rain and sun, a few cupboards for the dishes, pots and pans, a stove top and possibly a small refrigerator. You can also combine the kitchen with the common room or build it close by. But you can also combine the kitchen with a dining area and design an area to relax with deck chairs. You can use colorful pillows anytime, anywhere on the terrace in front of your Weekend house with garden to distribute. You can also have breakfast there to enjoy the morning sun, the beautiful flowers and their scent, and the chirping of birds.

A personal beach in front of your weekend house with a garden


If in your garden or Weekend house with garden If there is a natural body of water, all you need to do is set up a few deck chairs and you can enjoy it. Unfortunately, only a few are lucky enough to have a plot of land with a pond or lake or through which a river flows. And it is for this reason that artificial pools and streams, fountains and waterfalls were devised. They not only play a decorative role in the garden, but also improve the microclimate and increase comfort during your days off or on vacation. If you have the financial means and enough space available, you can relax in the garden of yours Weekend house with garden also build a swimming pool. The most practical are inflatable ones and those that can be moved. You can dismantle and stow these away in winter. They are great fun for the kids too, and you don’t have to worry about them swimming in deep water.

Pure relaxation – pool in the garden

Design pool in the garden ideas lawn area beautiful weekend house

But you don’t necessarily need a large pool in front of yours Weekend house with garden build up to feel the pleasure of the water. Simply place a larger vessel near the lounge chairs and fill it with water. Or you can set up a fountain, the splashing of which will have a calming effect on you. Another interesting idea is to plant aquatic plants in a container. You will be amazed how easy it is to care for them. The only thing to remember is to top up water regularly as it will evaporate. Convertible or improvised showers for the garden are also practical. And you can also choose a personal beach to match Weekend house with garden design it Yourself. To do this, find a suitable place on which to distribute sand. Arrange wooden lattices on top. These are often used on beaches that are in the city. You can simply distribute a few flower pots with exotic plants around your beach or you can plant some plants that love the drought and are typical of the beach directly in the sand. For example, the miscanthus or the undemanding, girl’s eyes, or also called beautiful faces, which bloom for a long time. Now all that remains is that you have it in front of yours  Weekend house with garden Make yourself comfortable and bask in the sun.

A romantic atmosphere in a pretty weekend house


Worry about the quiet evenings in summer when everyone is under the canopy or on the terrace of yours pretty weekend house gather together for a romantic atmosphere and a festive mood. Simply light some candles, set up garden torches and distribute flower pots with white flowers. Such flowers look particularly romantic in the dark and the great thing is that many of them give off a pleasant scent at the beginning of the evening. So that the evening in pretty weekend house can also really be enjoyed, don’t forget the mosquitos. Prepare for them in advance. There are so-called mosquito lamps for the outdoor areas. There are two types: those that attract mosquitoes and kill them with electricity and those that chase the mosquitoes away with an ultrasound. The price depends on the size of the area that the lamp is supposed to protect. If this area is large, you can place two of these lamps in the corners of the terrace.

With all of these tips, it would be no wonder you enjoyed your vacation in pretty weekend house or garden more than in the overcrowded hotel complexes by the sea.

Flowers in large pots complement the surroundings

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