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Water features in the garden: seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas

water features garden concrete house wooden details facade glass railing balcony

A modern house with a minimalist facade made of concrete and glass attracts attention in Bangkok, Thailand – the so-called “waterfall” house. The special thing about the contemporary city villa – the house entrance. Fascinating water features in the garden welcome guests and residents in an effective way. The peculiar waterfall also creates a seamless connection between inside and outside, as well as between the individual areas (living room and kitchen with dining area) on the ground floor. The abundantly glazed facade allows a distant view to him. The slightly curved shapes of the suspended ceiling and the various structural units create an exciting interplay of unconditional modernity and nature. We present you the latest project from the talented Architects 49 House Design Limited.

Water games in the garden – the classic garden fountain is reinterpreted

water features in the garden modern family home

At first glance, nothing special is noticeable in this minimalist building – but on closer inspection, the house turns out to be a quiet beauty. It consists of a building volume with a flat roof, which is oriented on the ground floor around a minimalist garden fountain. It is not only a real eye-catcher, but also proves to be a functional addition to the new building – this enabled the architects to find enough space for the garage and at the same time make optimal use of the available living space. The fascinating combination of modern aesthetics and nature is definitive proof of the creativity of the architecture office.

Water features in the garden – a modern house in Thailand

water features in the garden glass facade living room ground floor

The absolute highlight in the outdoor area – the garden fountain – is located right next to the house entrance. The water features in the garden enhance the outdoor area – like the spacious terrace, they are clad in dark stone. The lovely contrast between the puristic white walls and the dark floor covering simply cannot let go of your eyes. The adjoining spacious living room is accordingly furnished with comfortable seating in anthracite color – in this way the boundary between inside and outside merges.

water features in the garden modern dining room suspended ceiling

The water features in the garden can also be admired from the kitchen with dining area. A staircase connects the living room with the kitchen. It was furnished with modern, simple furniture – the kitchen landscape scores with a minimalist look in white, stainless steel handles and a kitchen rear wall made of natural stone set accents and give the furnishings a noble touch. The cooking island offers additional support and storage space for spices and kitchen utensils. The long wooden dining table and the upholstered Scandinavian-style chairs ensure that family and friends can end many pleasant evenings while cooking. A small sofa with plush upholstery invites you to relax after a long day at work. Wall shelves display the family’s book collection and round off the furniture.

eat gout white walls dining table living area

The color scheme was deliberately kept simple – soft earth tones in combination with various shades of gray relax the eyes and create a cozy ambience. The choice of materials – wood, natural stone and soft textiles – makes the concept even more effective. The end result is a feel-good atmosphere. On the other side of the room, another staircase leads to the second floor, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. All bedrooms have a balcony with glass railings so that the residents can sit there in the morning and marvel at the garden. The bathrooms are, typically minimalist, kept to the essentials. A generously proportioned glass shower cubicle, free-standing bathtub and double washbasin with base unit round off the furniture range. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of sunlight inside and transform the bathroom into an oasis in the middle of the big city. As far as the bathroom fittings are concerned, nothing has been spared – the fittings have been supplied by top brands in the industry.

Water features in the garden have a calming effect

water features garden house entrance modern design

It has been scientifically proven that the sounds of water have a calming effect. The gently lapping water that flows down the wall gives the outside area a relaxed atmosphere. It is just the right system for a big city like Bangkok – it creates the illusion that you are sitting in the middle of the forest next to a stream. Perfect for the modern city villa where the residents can enjoy the advantages of living in the city with those of a village at the same time. The high quality execution guarantees the durability of the design.

water features in the garden corner sofa interior design living room

From the living room (also serves as a winter garden) the residents can admire the water features as well as the tall native trees and the ground cover in the front garden. A high garden fence shields the garden and living area from prying eyes and provides the necessary privacy screen for the spacious terrace. Nothing stands in the way of pleasant days outdoors.

water features garden modern furnishing entrance effective living room

Thanks to the creative concept of the house, the architects have managed to optimally solve the alignment so that the house residents feel really comfortable in both the summer and winter months.

Water features in the garden house connect the inside outside

water features in the garden glass facade sliding door

water features in the garden modern bathroom on the ground floor

water features in the garden white facade glass railing

Water features in the garden wood facade stairs glass

water features in the garden glass railing balcony

Water features in the garden blinds concrete house flat roof

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water features in the garden house second floor bedroom

water features in the garden modern minimalist architecture

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Water features in the garden floors two blueprint side view

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Water features in the garden house floor plan side view

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Water features in the garden blueprint details

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Project by A49HD