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Wall fence combination – modern designs and practical ideas for brick fences

For homeowners or those with a garden area, the decision to install a wall-fence combination on the property offers many potential benefits. These include above all privacy and security, but also the attractiveness of the curb, aesthetic value and comfort. Many people need assistance in getting an overview of the policies and procedures required. That is why we want to help you complete your project by showing you some tips and examples. Find out more below about how you can combine a garden wall with a fence in your outdoor area.

Possible wall fence combination

wrought iron tree pattern as a privacy screen on white concrete wall border wall

A front wall or fence must match the overall style and design of the property. This reflects the state of the house and above all offers security. Many designs offer a wide range of solutions, from affordable fences to large entrances. Most of these have an extensive range of custom design options. You can realize such garden fence wall ideas from wood, chain links, wrought iron and other similar materials with a height of no more than two meters.

gabion as a wall fence combination with stainless steel grating creates a minimalist atmosphere in the outside area

Of course, concrete, masonry, brick or other similar building materials are also suitable for this. The height can vary, but you should check in advance whether you need a building permit. In all cases, verification and approval of the location, height and material for the construction of the fence by a planning office is required. If building a higher fence on top of wall, applicants must have technical drawings and line drawings for commercial real estate or technical drawings and installation instructions for residential real estate reviewed and approved.

modern and stylish wall fence combination of concrete wood and natural stone for courtyard

The privacy screen on walls can not only serve to secure more privacy and to mark borders. A brick fence can also serve as a frame for your garden, as a highlight for your landscaping or as the focal point of your facade. However, choosing the right one among hundreds of designs is crucial for this. The best fence should therefore match your style and the surrounding area of ​​the property, and provide an optimal solution for your needs. You can get creative while designing brick fences for your home. Remember that this is an element that neighbors and passers-by will see when looking at the house from the street. So it should look good.

Asymmetry and pattern on garden fence

asymmetrical pattern for a modern wall-fence combination as a border wall

If your home is designed with geometric elements such as straight lines, cubes or angles, this can be a typically modern style. This allows you to give the fence more dynamism and a breathtaking and balanced look. It’s best to use a neutral color that blends in with the rest of the house.

brick fences made of wrought iron and bricks create an inviting atmosphere in the garden

In addition, wrought iron, for example, can be a good choice for your fence. You can combine the material with brick or concrete to achieve a classic look. However, you can also get more creative and create designs like nature-inspired tree patterns that add a modern element to the brick wall.

Integrate the slatted frame into the wall

Set contrasts in the outdoor area with black and white wall fence combination for garden wall with fence modern look

Elegant, minimalist and effective. You can’t go wrong with such a wall fence combination of black steel and white concrete. The easy-care and sturdy fence also has a simple but tasteful style. Rustic-inspired fences are also one of the hottest ideas for designs today. With the warm tones of the horizontal wooden slats, a wall can be elegantly complemented with the frame and house numbers. Wood always looks inviting and cozy and never goes out of style. It can work with almost any design theme and adds a nice natural element to the garden wall.

Wall fence combination with metal

slatted frames integrated in the middle of a fence as a privacy screen on a black concrete wall

This can be the perfect enhancement to a border wall if you already have a concrete or brick fence. To do this, you can simply tear off the alternating parts and replace them with trendy metal slats. If you already have an imposing wall, try toning down the colors and going for fashionable, yet neutral shades.

symbolic privacy screen on a metal wall creates a view of the garden

This modern design features a metal fence with empty spaces in between, which leaves the area partially exposed. This way, you or your guests can admire the pretty garden behind. This is a good solution for partitioning rooms without completely blocking views.

Use bamboo as a privacy screen on the wall

Garden fence wall ideas with wood and bamboo as a privacy screen on a wall in a rustic style

The combination with bamboo always looks organic and dynamic in the garden or on a terrace. The natural material can be integrated almost anywhere and looks good in any environment and landscape. It also offers sufficient privacy and is easy to install. With bamboo you can give the outside space a relaxed look. The combination of bamboo cane or sticks with metal or wood adds a casual touch to the fence, creating a warm and inviting feeling.

Steel and stone for border wall

steel and stone combine as garden fence wall ideas

Stone is a rustic and vintage material, while steel can look sophisticated and modern. However, the combination of the two building materials can give the facade of the house an elegant look. A gabion wall as a retaining wall is just as suitable as a garden wall with a fence and has been around the world since the Middle Ages. However, with the modern interpretations, you can improve an ordinary rough wall by carefully stacking the bricks.

Combine gabion with wood as a garden wall with a modern design

This creates precise lines and shapes. You can also choose pretty colored stones with interesting patterns to give the outside space more liveliness. And how about combining the old gabion with a modern wooden fence? You get a very attractive, very modern and very robust fence.

Frosted glass for fence on brick wall

luxurious design as a garden wall with a fence ideas with frosted glass as a privacy screen on the wall

Frosted glass is very trendy and is perfect as a privacy screen on walls. The material also looks classy and can be a practical alternative to metal. The panels are cool, stylish and attractive. The smooth panes of glass go perfectly with rough wooden frames and stone walls. Such fillings made of frosted glass have quickly become a luxurious premium material for masonry fences. More and more designers and customers prefer it for use as a privacy screen at the pool or in picturesque outdoor areas. So if you are looking for a practical and modern wall-fence combination, this can be the right choice.

Build a practical fence with wood and concrete

planted garden with wall fence combination of wooden slats as an attachment and concrete in the lower part

Brick fences are a common and practical choice for many homeowners. As a base, a stronger and heavier material is used for the lower half. This can be concrete or natural stone, for example. The light and decorative building material then remains for the upper part of the wall. Until recently, the iron grate was a popular attachment for it. However, a mix of wood and concrete can be an even more modern upgrade to the popular style for the fence.