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Vertical Planting – 19 Creative Ideas and Tips for Vertical Gardening

Vertical planting vertical gardening indoor plant wall

Vertical planting offers a space-saving solution if you want to plant the apartment or garden, but there is not enough space. This allows the interior walls, the exterior and the balcony to be embellished and designed creatively. The ideas for a vertical garden are simply endless and you can even easily make one yourself. In this article, we’ve gathered a variety of great DIY project ideas that will inspire you to start gardening vertically.

Vertical planting in the apartment


Green plants in the apartment create a natural atmosphere and create a fresh feeling in the interior. However, flower pots and planters usually take up too much space on the floor and start to get in the way. With a vertical garden, you invite nature into your home without sacrificing the available space. This can be used to design plant walls that conjure up a green oasis in your own four walls.


Vertical gardening is particularly popular in cities because it fulfills the dream of a garden in the city. In urban areas, the available space is usually limited, so you should start looking for space-saving alternatives. Without a doubt, the best place for a vertical garden in the interior is the wall. You can hang flower pots on it, create small herb gardens and even plant perennials and annual plants.


There are many different options for vertical planting in the home. On the one hand, you can make a plant wall yourself by using a material such as wood or steel mesh. Small pots with plants can then be attached to it more easily and a vertical garden can be conjured up. If you would like to add a little color to the apartment, you can make these colorful hanging baskets yourself. This requires colored rope, which is braided or knotted using a popular technique. You can then hang the hanging baskets on a copper pipe and create a creative vertical garden on the wall yourself.

Build a vertical garden yourself at home


For artisans who enjoy doing new DIY projects, we recommend this vertical herb garden, which can hold up to twenty pots. For this purpose, suitable recesses for pots are made in elongated wooden boards with the drill and the boards are hung up using a fixed rope. Not a difficult task for the do-it-yourselfers.


A hanging vertical garden is a visual highlight in any room. Wooden boards are again used for this project, but with significantly smaller dimensions. In addition, in this case mason jars replace the flower pots and offer a great alternative. Instead of water drainage holes, you can line the jars with stones.


Vertical planting can freshen up any room in the home. If your living room just needs a natural touch, you can make this simple vertical garden yourself. In this DIY project, three beautiful metal buckets are planted and attached to an old cabinet door with the help of three wall hooks. A creative planting idea for a natural interior.


The kitchen can also benefit from a vertical garden. With a herb garden, you always have the herbs you need on hand when you cook. Since most herbs usually need a lot of light, we recommend vertical planting in front of a window if possible.

Vertical outdoor planting


Not only the home but also the outdoor area can benefit from a vertical garden. If you live in a house with a garden, you can also consider vertical planting. This can be used to beautify the fence, the terrace and even the house facade.

Tip: When planting the facade, you need a suitable irrigation system so that the plants can always be supplied with water.


If you want to make a creative vertical garden yourself, then you can “paint” a picture out of succulents. The evergreen plants are planted in a suitable box and lined with wire mesh. Then a suitable frame is made or an old picture frame is simply used and the natural wall decoration for the outside wall is ready.


Vertical gardens are great gems for patios and balconies. With a trellis made of wood and wooden boards, you can make a vertical garden yourself and plant it with flowers and plants of your choice. If you put PVC pipes with water drainage holes in the middle of the construction, you can make a separate irrigation system for them yourself.

vertical-planting-wooden boxes-flowerpots-fence

With flower boxes arranged in a checkerboard fashion, creative vertical plants can be designed on the garden fence. This arrangement allows the flowers and plants to grow in the gaps that have arisen and creates a beautiful effect.

Tip: Instead of buying multiple flower boxes, you can use old wooden pallets or wooden boxes for this project.


For a vertical planting in the garden, you can also build a stand-alone wall yourself. For this, wood is needed for a frame, as well as wire mesh. Depending on the size of the wall, a large number of clay pots can be attached to it with the help of wire and planted as desired. If the pots are placed close to each other, you can even create a creative privacy screen for the garden.

Upcycling ideas for vertical gardening

vertical-planting-herb garden-wooden boxes

Instead of expensive materials, you can use old things for vertical planting. Euro pallets, wine boxes, old bookshelves and other furniture or kitchen utensils can be recycled and brought back to life.


Wooden pallets are one of the most popular upcycling ideas for the garden. This allows you to build various furniture and decorations yourself and the vertical garden is no exception. You decide for yourself whether you fill the wooden pallet with soil and plant it, or simply attach a few flower pots to it.


If you cannot build the vertical garden yourself, you can use the old ladder. The steps are perfect for vertical planting and you can place flower boxes, small flower pots and beautiful decorations on them.

creative-idea-vertical-planting-chest of drawers

Instead of throwing away the old dresser, you can turn it into a creative garden decoration. For this purpose, place the dresser in the garden and fill it with soil. Open the drawers in stages to create this great waterfall effect.


If you want to recycle the pet bottles, we recommend creating a green wall out of them. To do this, the bottles can be filled with soil and left hanging on a clothesline. This vertical planting is perfect for the fence or an outside wall.


A hanging storage for the door with pockets can also serve as a vertical garden. For this purpose, the individual pockets are filled with a suitable soil and then laid out with herbs and individual plants. The result – vertical planting at a lower cost.