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Using corten steel for the garden & terrace – 40 ideas for the outside area

corten steel for garden ideas-pillars-fireplaces-planters-privacy screens

Corten steel is a material that can be used in a variety of ways and is so popular not only because of its attractive appearance for use in the house and garden. These are elements with a rust look, which protect the material from further corrosion and thus make it easy to care for and ideal for outdoor areas in which there is a wide variety of weather conditions. If you have a preference for the easy-care building material, you can take a look at the following products. These are various decorations made of Corten steel for the garden, terrace and other outdoor areas, with which you can achieve pretty and modern decorations and accents.

Corten steel for garden and terrace – the lighting

corten steel for garden lighting-lamps-garden pathslv-rusty-slot-50

Lighting is an important element in the outdoor area that is not only useful, but also wonderfully highlights the garden in the dark. And so that the lamps look pretty, you can fall back on the corroded material. SLV Rusty Slot 50 offers attractive models with a simple, minimalist look that perfectly enhance garden paths and other areas. Available here.

corten steel for garden rusty-slv-zen-asian-decorative-gravel-stones

The same manufacturer also offers other light fittings made of Corten steel for gardens and other outdoor areas. This also includes Rusty Square 40, which is a slightly lower model and looks like a lantern. This product is particularly suitable for Zen and Asian gardens. Would you like to purchase the lamps? Then take a look here.

corten steel for garden lights-garden lamps-slv-l-shape-bamboo

You can also illuminate your outdoor area with these lamps from SLV, which have a modern L-shape. The light is directed downwards at an angle, which is why the lights are perfect for garden paths. It is very practical that all models can also work with energy-saving lamps and that you can save energy at night despite hours of lighting. Order the lamps here.

corten steel for garden decoration-solar-lamp-peacock-rust-optics-rhinestones-globo

This peacock is a slightly different lamp. While it impresses with its rusty look during the day and its rhinestones sparkle in the sunlight, it charges itself at the same time to illuminate the garden in the dark and is completely energy-efficient. Thanks to the rust surface, all the colors come into their own. The model comes from Globo and is available here.

Corten steel lawn edging

corten steel for garden lawn edging-m-n-rainman-minimalist

You can set pretty and less conspicuous accents with corten steel for the garden, if you use lawn edging or edging. They create a clear border between the bed and the lawn and ensure a tidier look. The m-n rainman model is available in a simple straight version or with a wave shape. You can order it here.

corten steel for garden edging-belissa-ornamental gravel-white-lawn-bed

It looks similar with the bed border made of Corten steel for gardens and outdoor areas by bellissa. The model is simple and is inserted deep into the earth to guarantee the best possible hold. We offer individual pieces as well as a set of 10 pieces. Create straight or round borders between different beds or beds and lawns as you like. Available here.

corten steel for garden decoration-heart-circle-ring-belissa-bedding

There are also models that have a certain shape and can be used as a decorative element. This also includes this set by Belissa, which consists of a heart and a circle. They can be designed not only with flowers and ground cover, but also with lawn and ornamental gravel. Create eye-catchers in your garden or design the grave of a loved one with natural plants and decorations in a rust look by ordering the product here.

Corten steel planters and raised beds with a rust look

corten steel for garden raised bed-belissa-flower pots-design-stainless steel

Belissa also offers an interesting raised bed made of Corten steel, which can also be used as a planter. It is a three-part kit, the metal has a thickness of 1 mm and is interestingly perforated on the upper edge. The raised bed has a diameter of 110 cm and can be planted as desired. Order the product here and you will receive an interesting decoration.

corten steel for garden raised bed-clara-palatino-modern-design-garden decoration

If you prefer a square shape, you can opt for “Clara” from Palatino Exclusive Line. The angular raised bed has a size of 80 x 80 cm and is 50 cm deep. In addition, there is a removable floor so that the raised bed made of Corten steel can be used for the garden and also for the terrace. If you value a higher raised bed, you can simply stack several models. You can order the article here.

corten steel-garden-raised bed-palatino-table-flowers-bushes-yellow-flowers

If you are looking for a higher model, you can also opt for this raised bed design by Palatino, which is one meter high and can therefore be worked on comfortably. The bed has the shape of a table and a shelf below the plant container. If you would like to use this raised bed made of Corten steel for the garden and outside, you can order the item here.

corten steel-garden-herb-spiral-raised bed-belissa-simply-set-round-herb-spiral

Another great variant of a raised bed is the herb spiral, which you can get particularly quickly and easily by assembling the 5 individual parts from Corten from Belissa. In this way you save space in your garden and get an orderly herb bed in which it is easy to work. Buy the set with pretty, perforated accents here.

corten steel-garden-herb-spiral-square-angular-rust-prima-terra

The spiral does not necessarily have to be round either, it is also available in a square version. It is offered by Prima Terra and has a particularly minimalist look that you can use in modern garden design. If you would like to purchase this herb snail, just drop by here and order the construction set.

corten steel-garden-herb-tower-belissa-vegetable-garden-bed-design-space-saving

Instead of a spiral, you can also choose a herbal tower offered by Belissa. There are openings on the side walls through which the plants grow and are particularly easy to harvest. The weather-resistant material makes the product perfect for outdoor use and can be used there all year round. Available here.


The Corten steel planter from Belissa is slightly higher and narrower than the raised bed variants and is wonderfully suitable for designing the terrace, garden, veranda or patio area. Plant ornamental grasses, flowers, evergreen plants or even aromatic plants and create beautiful eye-catchers made of Corten steel for the garden and terrace. You can order the product here.

corten steel-garden-planter-planter-planting-terrace-veranda

If you are looking for a flower box made of Corten steel for garden design, this model may be suitable for you. With a length of 1 meter and a width and height of 30 cm, it is the ideal size to plant plenty of flowers and plants and to create beautiful arrangements. You can get the trough here.


This flower pot, whose sides form a duck, is also very cute. The decoration made of Corten steel for the garden and terrace can be used in any area. It is best to choose a raised area so that the duck can better come into its own. The Dewoga model has a size of 22 x 30 cm, so it is relatively compact and suitable for smaller terraces. Order here.

Murals and privacy screens made of corten steel for the garden

corten steel-garden-fence-mural-privacy-screen-autumn-motif-construction fence

A Corten steel privacy screen not only guarantees perfect privacy, it also looks good. The decoration made of Corten steel for the garden and terrace can either stand alone or, as with this model, be mounted on a fence or wall. It has an autumnal motif in the form of a tree and consists of three parts. Order the article here.

corten steel garden privacy fence element deco pvc bed design

Corten steel privacy screens can also be combined with other fence elements and thus serve as decorative accents. These elements from Jabo Design, for example, alternate with plastic elements to form a high fence, but can also be used for other garden elements such as gates. The privacy screens can also have different motifs and can even be designed individually on request. The product is available here.

Water games as decoration


Water features are without question a special decoration for the outdoor area and are great for a design with Corten steel for the garden. A wide variety of variants are offered. A space-saving idea is this spring fountain in the form of a disk from Sampag GmbH, which is embedded in the ground. You can get it here.


Would you like to set up a particularly large, modern and impressive decoration with water in your garden? This attractive water wall from Primrose will amaze not only you, but also everyone else. It is not only a real gem during the day. At night, it also impresses with beautiful plays of light thanks to the integrated LED lamps. The hose system is also included and is available here together with the wall.


These water columns from Primrose are no less attractive and get their special charm not only from their rusty look, but also from the fact that they represent a group of three columns of different sizes. This product is also equipped with colored LED lights that change the light color. Order here.

corten-steel-garden-waterfall-fountain-flower box-langley-primrose

Primrose also offers this corten steel waterfall with an integrated flower box. “Langley” can be planted with any plants and, thanks to LED lights, decorates the garden, the terrace or any other seating area both during the day and at night. The model can also be used indoors without any problems. Available here.

corten steel-garden-fountain-fountain-cuboid-living-ambience-spring fountain

This garden fountain made of Corten steel for garden and indoor use, in turn, has the shape of a cuboid from which the water springs. Installation is extremely easy and can be done even by beginners. Decorate the indoor or outdoor area with the water feature as you wish. Order the decoration here.


This Corten steel fountain, which forms a waterfall that falls into a special container, comes from the same manufacturer. It has a height of 175 cm and is also a wonderful decoration for small gardens. In the collecting container there are decorative balls which, in contrast to the rust look, shine and thus create a nice contrast. You can get the model here.

Fireplaces and fire bowl made of corten steel

corten steel-garden-fire-bowl-burni-round-stainless-steel-pool area-seating area

Fireplaces create cosiness and warm us even on cooler days that we spend outdoors. A fire bowl is particularly space-saving. The Burni model has a simple design, but is still suitable as an interesting accent outdoors. The bowl is available in different sizes. Hit it right now and order the article here.

corten steel-garden-fire-basket-perforated-tribal-flame-decorative

Tribal Flame is a different kind of eye-catcher, is narrower than a fire bowl and thus even more space-saving and impresses with the column shape. There is also a perforated design in the form of a flame, through which the fire glows in the dark. The model stands on wheels and is easy to move around while the ashes are collected in a tray. You can order the fire pillar from Stahlfabrik here.

corten steel-garden-fire-pillar-sensiolo-perforated-tribal-space-saving-terrace

It is similar with the pillar of fire “Hephaestus”, which is provided with a beautiful ornament through which the flickering fire can be seen. With a height of 80 cm and a width of 20 cm, the model is also very suitable for small terraces. You can order the Sensiolo column here and create a beautiful highlight in any seating area.

corten steel-garden-patio-fireplace-themood-faber-modern-seating area-fireplace surround

If you have more space and want a particularly impressive decoration for the terrace or other seating areas, you can also use a fireplace. In addition, we would like to introduce you to the “theMOOD” patio fireplace from Faber, which impresses with its attractive elongated shape. Use the free-standing model made of Corten steel for the garden and terrace or choose the fireplace insert for installation in walls and walls. Order here.

corten steel-garden-chimney-masaya-greenlab-rust-look-exterior-decorate

Another space-saving garden fireplace is “Masaya” from Greenlab. The model has the shape of a hollow column that is filled with firewood or charcoal. The fire can then be observed through the elongated opening. Since there is no protective glass, the fireplace should have a sufficiently large distance from furniture and other fire-prone objects. The product is available here.

corten steel-garden-outdoor-fireplace-buzz-wheels-faber-castell-panorama-glass

The interesting thing about this model is the design, which is kind of reminiscent of old popcorn machines. The outdoor fireplace has panoramic protection glass and wheels that make it particularly easy to move and stow the fireplace. It doesn’t have a chimney, so you need a permit to set it up. If that doesn’t put you off, order the fireplace right here.


This cube-shaped fireplace is also equipped with wheels. There are also compartments for stowing the firewood. The surface of the fireplace is designed like a stove, so that you can even cook on the fireplace. A pull-out compartment collects the embers and ashes and can be easily cleaned. “Quadro” from Nouvel Ltd. is available here.

Other decorations made of corten steel for the garden and terrace


Surely you want to make not only the back yard, but also the front yard pretty. Then choose this welcome sign made of Corten steel for the garden and driveway, which you can have individually perforated with your house number. The model comes from Jabo Design, is 160 cm high and is handcrafted. You give the text and house number when ordering, which you can make here.

corten steel-garden-rust-pillar-tree-motif-angular-lantern-candle

You can also decorate your outdoor area with such a column made of stainless steel, which is not only nicely perforated, but also has an opening in which a candle can be placed. This way, plan romantic evenings outdoors. The rusty stainless steel gives the decoration a special charm. You can order the 1 meter high column here.


This decorative rust ball would also be a nice eye-catcher in the middle of your lawn or in any bed, don’t you think? “Spira” has a diameter of 28 cm and consists of spiral steel elements. The ball can also be displayed on a pillar. Are you interested? Then order here.

corten steel-garden-notice-board-stainless-rust-fa-love-joy-welcome-guests

You can also decorate your garden or front yard with such a message board. It consists of 1 mm thick sheet steel that is perforated with the help of a laser. You can set up the poem board near the entrance door and welcome your guests with beautiful sayings. The sheet metal is also provided with holes, which are intended to hang the board if desired. You can order here.

corten-steel-garden-flower-rust-optic-plug-in beds

Above all, you can equip green beds with a rust-look flower and set an accent. But it also quickly turns into an eye-catcher in other areas. The flower has a diameter of 30 cm. Overall, the plug is 95 cm high, so that the flower can also come into its own in the midst of higher plants. You can find the Edelrost plug from Dewoga here.


Silhouettes are also a nice idea for garden decorations, which you can bring out particularly well in front of light walls, walls or facades. The decoration made of Corten steel for the garden and flower beds is available with a wide variety of motifs, including this cute cat with raised paw from Chirpy Project. You can order the connector here.


Or how about such a decorative window made of stainless steel that you can hang on a wall and decorate with pretty flowers? Here, too, the manufacturer is none other than Dewoga. The article has a compact size and can therefore also be used on small wall surfaces. You can purchase the metal window here.


This plug, which can decorate the center of a lawn or a bed, is particularly original. The matt rust surface is combined with shiny balls. The original decoration is created entirely by hand and is delivered free of charge throughout Germany. So it’s best to grab it now and order the product here.


With this patina column you get a decoration that is useful at the same time. It is actually a mailbox that you can set up right at the beginning of your property. You can also add your house number, which is made of shiny stainless steel to make it stand out better. You can get the mailbox here.