House & garden

Use masonry as a privacy screen and for the construction of modern houses

masonry as privacy protection stones-privacy-shadow-glass-fronts

In a residential area made up of several houses, every home owner endeavors to obtain suitable privacy screens that guarantee sufficient privacy without restricting the property and also making it look stylish. The Staab residence was an attractive one for this purpose Masonry as a privacy screen chosen, which is partly completely closed and on the other side shows a half-open design in a mesh look. In this way, the connection to the nature surrounding the house remains intact.

Masonry as a privacy screen and metal fence

masonry as a privacy screen staab-entrance-design-modern-metal-fence

The masonry as a privacy screen is also continued for the construction of the house. The stone-on-stone construction ensures a solid construction that guarantees an attractive wall design in the interior with a gray concrete look. This design is combined with modern, minimalist furniture for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. In addition, the floor has a gray color both inside and outside, creating a monochrome interior. There is also an impressive steel kitchen that adapts to the shiny floor.

Masonry as a privacy screen in a mesh look

masonry as privacy screen stone-mesh-optics-modern-planting

While the masonry was used as a privacy screen on the lower floor and for the outside area with the terrace and pool, the aim of the second floor of the modern house is to take advantage of the impressive view. Large window fronts create bright rooms from which the attractive surroundings can be enjoyed. We have put together a gallery that gives you a more detailed overview of the house design. The property is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and was designed and completed in 2013 by Chen + Suchart Studio.

Gray brickwork

masonry-privacy protection-terrace-lighting-window-front-white-chair-table

Modern wall and floor design


Steel kitchen


Monochrome design


Window fronts for the living rooms

masonry-privacy-screen-bedroom-balcony-glass railing-sliding-window

Bright bathroom

masonry-privacy protection-bathroom-white-wash-console-wash-basin-mirror

Narrow room with a bathtub

Masonry-privacy screen-white-wall-paint-bathroom-bathtub-glass front

Attractive masonry


Corridor-shaped garden shower

masonry-privacy-screen-chen-suchart-studio-bathroom-shower-open-gray-wall design

Gray walls and recessed lights


Brick-on-brick construction for the modern home

Masonry-privacy protection-entrance-glass-door-recessed lights

High wall for privacy

masonry as a privacy screen wall-design-minimalistic-house-architecture

Outdoor area with pool


Balcony with glass railing


Masonry as a privacy screen and a minimalist garden


Original architecture

Masonry-privacy protection-recessed-lights-canopy-roofing-outside area

House design by Chen + Suchart Studio

masonry-privacy protection-minimalist-outdoor-area-swimming pool

Design by Chen + Suchart Studio.