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Unusual garden design ideas – a happier garden

ideas for garden design bench mosaic design flower motifs

Turn your garden into a real oasis for the hot days by simply freshening it up with a few colorful and original accents. Bring a good mood into the garden without having to worry about experimenting a little. Just let your imagination run wild. We have a few unusual ones here Garden design ideas, that can help you decorate your garden happier.

Ideas for garden design with textile

ideas for garden design textile decoration cushions floral blue yellow wood chair

You can create a unique ambience with textiles. Especially bright and strong colors go well with the summer. Decorate the seating area with cushions or decorative pillows and enjoy the free minutes.

Garden design ideas – flower pots and other containers

ideas for garden design flower pots decoration colorful flowers

Do not underestimate the effect that the flower pots have on the terrace and in the garden! With the help of the different designs that are offered today, you can create custom areas that completely suit your taste.

Design with a fountain as a flower pot

ideas for garden design fountain flower pot succulent decoration

Instead of the classic flower pots, you can also choose more original variants, such as this idea with a fountain. You might even have an old one that you don’t normally use. Choose any flowers and plants and create a little paradise.

Idea with a teapot

ideas for garden design teapot vase gaensebluemchen

An old teapot is suitable as a vase as well as a flower pot. This gives the outside area a certain vintage touch, which creates a romantic atmosphere. Feel free to come up with other container ideas for garden design.

Ideas for garden design – the right lighting

Lanterns for hanging-ideas garden decoration

You don’t need large sums of money or ongoing renovations to make your garden happy. On the contrary! Just use old items and renew them. In this way you get a unique decoration according to your taste. With the right lighting, your garden can not only appear friendlier, but also become a romantic corner to retreat to.

garden decoration ideas lantern with vase-bouquet

Instead of using standard lamps, you can conjure up garden lighting yourself. For example, paint old mason jars with bright colors and use them as lanterns. Fill it with sand beforehand and then place a tea light in it. Simply wrap wire around the top edge of the glass that will later be used for hanging. Make sure it is securely fastened. Spread the glass lanterns all over the garden and be amazed at the great atmosphere they radiate.

Garden design ideas – a happy garden path

Lay out garden paths in the shape of leaves, make ideas yourself

The garden path can serve both as a decoration and as a convenience. But that doesn’t bother him to duplicate it a little to bring more good mood into the garden. Make a path out of grass and put up different figures: animal figures, painted stones as ladybugs, baskets filled with flowers or a wind indicator.

Another variant is to make a path out of stones. You can add footprints to make this path less boring. Use a large stone for the soles of your feet and smaller stones for your toes. Or you can set up signposts as decoration. But you should be careful that the details you add to the path are not lost in the context of the path.

Create an eye-catcher

ideas-for gardening-decor Bicycle recycling ideas

No matter how big or small your garden is, you should create a place to rest. Boring chairs and tables can easily be painted in bright colors such as blue, pink or yellow. You can also use ordinary fishing chairs, replacing the boring fabric with a more cheerful one beforehand. Choose a specific color or be bolder and design each chair with a different color. But since there is a risk that the chairs look tasteless, you should make sure beforehand that the patterns match each other.

Garden design ideas – A bench made from old chairs

Build your own bench for garden upcycling ideas with old chairs

Should you have 2-3 old chairs left, you can make a bench out of them. To do this, connect the chairs with a wide board that you nail onto the seats. You can decorate the backrests with the decoupage technique. Simply place a couple of colorful seat cushions on the seat.

A shady place to rest

patio ideas decoration metal chairs bar counter cheerful colors

You can also make good use of the shade of larger trees in your garden. Hang a brightly colored hammock to rest in on hot days.

Ideas for garden design – flower pots and flower stands with a difference

garden design creative ideas color flower pots colorful

In addition to normal flower pots, there are many other things that you can use to grow your plants, spices, and vegetables. Interesting Garden design ideas are old rubber boots, watering cans or even the drawers of a chest of drawers that are no longer used, which you take as flower pots for your plants. At the same time, you bring a certain variety into your garden. Some also use baskets to plant spices in them, which then fill the garden with a pleasant scent. You can make the baskets more cheerful in advance by adding artificial flowers or bows or painting them in different colors. Use your imagination and freshen up your ordinary flower pots a little. Show courage and stand out.

Recycle old shoes

Flowers in boots-plant diy recycling ideas

Wooden boxes as shelves for flower pots

Make your own garden shelves out of a wooden box

Watering can as a vase

garden decoration ideas upcycling project watering can as a vase

Old car tires colored in bright colors serve as flower pots

recycling ideas old car tires dyed with spray paints plant pot ideas

More extravagant Garden design ideas: Some others rely on more extravagant household items: garden salad in an old colander, colorful petunias that grow in an old bathtub or wash bowls that serve as flower pots for pelargoniums. Should you prefer to forego such unusual ideas, there are other interesting variants for you that will make your garden look happier. To do this, take your normal flower pots and paint them brightly, paint dots, faces or other patterns. For a beach look, you can glue seashells to the top of the pot.

Garden gnome decoration ideas tips for gardening beginners

Further Garden design ideas, with which the garden will bring a good mood:

  • Choose a corner where you can put a table on which you will put a lot of small flower pots with brightly colored flowers.
  • Instead of ordinary flower stands, take an old ladder, on the steps of which you place various flower pots. If you want to hide their legs, you can hang ivy on them.
  • Do not underestimate the pleasant effect of hanging baskets.
  • Use an old coat hook to place garden tools on. To make sure that it also goes with your colorful garden, paint it with bright colors beforehand.

ideas for recycling garden ideas for planted boots rain boots

Wheelbarrow flower bed decoration for garden design ideas