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Tips for cleaning garden furniture – getting in shape for the outdoor season

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With beautiful garden furniture you can conjure up a great atmosphere in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony. No matter what material they are made of – wind and weather leave their mark on all furniture over time. However, if you clean and care for your seating set properly once a year, it will pay off and you will enjoy it for longer. If the material is regularly and well cared for, it is not so susceptible to environmental influences and does not cause you as much work in the long run. We will show you how to clean, maintain and whip up your garden furniture.

Cleaning wooden garden furniture

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The type of wood is of secondary importance for the maintenance of wooden garden furniture. To remove dirt and mold from the good pieces, you can first scrub all wooden garden furniture in the direction of the wood grain with a soft brush and a mild cleaning agent. It is very suitable for this, for example curd soap dissolved in water. Then rinse your furniture well and wipe it dry. To get rid of stubborn dirt such as bird droppings, or to regain the original color of the wood, you can also pretreat the wood with a fine sandpaper. A subsequent sealing with a water-repellent wood preservative or a well-absorbing stain helps to protect the material from sun rays, dirt and moisture.

Cleaning plastic garden furniture


Industrially manufactured materials are considered to be very easy to care for and weather resistant. Nevertheless, your plastic garden furniture can become more stubborn over time. Then first scrub it off with a soft brush. Sometimes plastics also have a gray haze, which you should never treat with abrasives. The surface of the furniture could get small scratches as a result, in which dirt later sticks even faster and more stubbornly. All-purpose or vinegar cleaners are more suitable. Dark spots can be treated with baking soda. Simply rub the powder in with a damp cloth and let it work for a short time. Then simply rinse it off and let it air dry. The practical home remedy dissolves dirt and brightens dark areas again.

Garden furniture made of synthetic wicker – polyrattan

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Plastic garden furniture is often made of polypropylene, which is popular due to its positive properties. It is characterized by extreme weather and heat resistance and ease of care. These advantages are certainly reasons why this plastic is the second most widely used. In addition, polypropylene garden furniture can be made in a wide variety of shapes, from simple to avant-garde to retro. You can find unusual designs in the online shop, for example this provider order.

Cleaning metal garden furniture


Garden furniture made of metal is usually made of aluminum, iron or steel. Except for aluminum, they tend to rust over time. For this reason, they are usually provided with paint, powder coating or clear varnish. If you want to remove stubborn rust or musty residues, you can first use fine emery paper. You can use it to thoroughly clean the affected areas. It is best to use it for the subsequent cleaning of your metal garden furniture a mild soapy solution. Afterwards dry the furniture well with a soft cloth. Now you can touch up the pre-treated rust stains with varnish or new paint and let them dry well. Then you can apply some auto wax with a cloth, for example, so that the furniture looks like new again.

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To prevent your garden furniture from weathering too quickly, you should cover it with a tarpaulin not only in winter but also in summer, or at least put it under shelter. Make sure they are dry before covering. This prevents the formation of mold and thus new stains. If you also remove small amounts of dirt regularly with simple cleaners, you will save yourself drastic and expensive measures in the long term. In addition, when buying, you can make sure that garden furniture has a surface finish, for example pieces made of plastic. This prevents their aging and ensures that dirt can be removed more easily. In this way, the pieces keep their beautiful look for a long time.

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