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The right fabric for bed linen – what should you look out for?

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 The bedroom is a place of relaxation. The body should feel comfortable and relaxed there. This also depends to a large extent on the bed linen. Here are a few ideas for the right one Fabric for bed linen and also for the right colors.

Choosing the right fabric for the bed linen for the home

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When choosing bed linen, the most important thing is the fabric. Most often it consists of wool, silk or linen. The reason for this is that these textiles can absorb moisture and warm up well in winter and cool in summer. The disadvantages are that they wrinkle easily, making ironing difficult, and they can easily shrink during washing in the washing machine.

A better choice for the right one Fabric for bed linen is high quality cotton, like Egyptian cotton, but it is very expensive. Therefore, as a compromise, the manufacturers offer models made of cotton and polyester, which have a more acceptable price. This reduces the risk of creasing and shrinking when washing, but also the quality of the fabric.

The fabric for bed linen – helpful tips

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For the winter is the right one Fabric for bed linen this one, which is made of microfiber. The reason for this is that it warms well, feels soft and does not wrinkle at the same time. For the summer, on the other hand, it is best to choose silk bed linen, as it keeps the coolest.

When it comes to romance in the bedroom, satin sheets are mostly offered. You should really only use this on special occasions, as it is slippery and makes you feel uncomfortable while you sleep.

If you’re an eco-friend, you can choose a matching organic cotton bed linen. The difference is that the cotton was not sprayed with substances that are harmful to nature.

The best fabric for bed linen and the right colors

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When it comes to colors and not more Fabric for bed linen it all depends on your taste and the style and design of your bedroom. The red color is more passionate, while blue is more calming and green is refreshing. For a more cheerful atmosphere, pastel colors are best, as well as those with different patterns and floral motifs.

The bed linen should be changed at least once a week, and more often on the hotter summer days. It is best to have 2 to 3 bed linen sets per bedroom, or bed, that are used daily. If you enjoy ironing, we recommend that you do it while they are still slightly damp. This is the best way to get rid of the wrinkles.

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