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The positive effects of lavender and how you can best care for it

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Do you love the scent of lavender and its purple color? Do you dream of the French lavender fields? Then just get the plant for at home! You will be the positive effects of lavender not only in terms of its scent and appearance, because it can also serve as a remedy.

the positive effects of lavender – then and now

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In the past, lavender was a very expensive plant that only people of royal descent could afford. The Romans used the flowers for aromatic baths as they were the positive effects of lavender for the skin. The Greeks, on the other hand, were so enthusiastic about its scent that they learned to make perfume themselves. The Egyptians were also enthusiastic about this flower.

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Over time, it was found that the flower not only looks and smells good, but is also good for health. So it came about that it also gained importance in medicine. Lavender became an important ingredient in various medicines and it also played a major role in births. Each woman giving birth was given a stalk of lavender as its aroma is said to help ease pain. Even today the positive effects of lavender utilized. It is used in cosmetics, perfumery, homeopathy, culinary arts and for the garden.

the positive effect of lavender in terms of its symbolism

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In the language of flowers, lavender also finds its own meaning. The flower represents devotion, loyalty and compassion, as well as innocence and purity. Lavender is said to bring good luck and is therefore a popular gift. It should also protect against envy and evil forces. Lavender is often given to lovers so that it brings them family happiness.

The positive effects of lavender – Proper care of lavender

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Lavender is suitable both for the garden and as a potted plant indoors. All you have to do is provide him with adequate living conditions and you will have no difficulty in caring for it. The plant loves the light. This is why you should make sure that she gets sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. This flower does not get the cold and wind. Therefore, put it in a sheltered place. If you want to plant lavender in the garden, it is best to choose a place on a wall or a stone that will serve as a protective shield. As a houseplant, look for a place for it that does not pull.

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The flower pot for the lavender should have a light color, the dark colors attract the sun’s rays twice as much and there is a risk of the plant becoming ill. Gardeners recommend ceramic pots. They should also be big enough so that the roots have enough room to develop.

The lavender loves alkaline and calcareous soil. The soil should also prevent water from collecting. One of the most common problems with lavender is precisely that, which causes the roots to rot. Water moderately often. Note, however, that as a houseplant, lavender needs more water than the one that grows in the garden.

In spring, the lavender should be moved outside if it has been inside for the winter. This is also the right time to cut it.

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The positive effects of lavender – 6 reasons why lavender should not be missing at home:

  • The calming aroma will bring cosiness to your home.
  • The flower can be used as a condiment for soups, fish dishes and sauces.
  • the positive effects of lavender as a medicine: you can use it to inhale if you have a cold or cough. As a compress, it helps with skin problems such as acne and rashes.
  • A few stalks of lavender in the closet scare away moths.
  • With a few lavender bushes, your garden will look more colorful and cheerful.

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