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The modern bungalow for pleasant living comfort and cosiness

modern bungalow pent roof garden minimalist lawn

The free-standing single-storey residential buildings, known as bungalows, are undisputedly one of the most popular types of houses in Europe and then in Germany. If you want to enjoy accessibility in the whole house, then this is it modern bungalow exactly the right construction type for you.

What is a bungalow?

modern bungalow wood-original-lighting-front garden

The word “bungalow” means “country house” and comes from the Hindi (bangalā). The term is generally used for a single-family house, even if it only has one floor. Although bungalows are often built with a flat roof, they offer great architectural design freedom. There is no definition of the roof shape. Of the modern bungaloww is also often associated with a vacation home or weekend home. However, this type of house symbolizes the unpretentious homeliness.

The classic modern bungalow architecture

modern bungalow minimalistic-bauhaus-gray-facade

Both the classic and the modern bungalow often has wide spaces. The main living room and the sanitary facilities are on the main living level. Children’s rooms, offices or guest rooms do not necessarily have to be on the same floor as the living area. The certain separation is even an advantage.

Different modern types of bungalows


It goes without saying that there is a plus in living comfort with all the important living spaces on one level. Inside is that too modern bungalow Often designed in a particularly open way: in addition to the unity of living room, dining area and kitchen, there are also the small stairs, continuous glass facades and floor-to-ceiling windows that not only allow a view but also an exit to the outside.

Bungalows built on the hillside


In the case of plots on a slope, a bungalow with a slope floor can be built below the main floor. The side rooms embedded in the slope or above ground can be designed as an independent living unit.

Modern single family house with flat roof

Single family flat roof bungalow construction glazed Niagara Vineyard

Villa Niagara Vineyard, Andrew Snow Photography

Another variant are the single-family houses with a stacked storey that only covers part of the ground floor.

Living comfort on one level

bungalow architecture with pent roof white facade Eisner Design-LLC

House of Eisner Design LLC

Of the modern bungalow is equipped with the latest technology and offers freedom for innovative architectural ideas.

A furnished veranda is usually available

Bungalow with wooden deck-floor-to-ceiling sliding-door outdoor seating

Jill’s Modern Berkeley Bungalow Jill Interior decorating

Beach style bungalow

Beach Bungalow open space design sliding glass doors

Beach Bungalow by Robert Young Architects

The bungalow stands for unpretentious comfort

Modern bungalow architecture wooden facade front yard river house-McClellan Architects

River house by McClellan Architects

Flat roof bungalow architecture made of concrete potted plants integrated in the front garden

 Melody Lane from coop 15 architecture

Modern family house bungalow architecture wooden facade Ross residence

Ross residence by Griffin enright architects 

Accessibility throughout the house

Modern single-family house architecture design living space-access to the open air-Jill's modern Berkeley bungalow

Jill’s Modern Berkeley Bungalow Visual Jill Interior decorating

Terraces floor tiles-wood bungalow-modern residence

Villa Niagara Vineyard, Andrew Snow Photography

Beach house Bungalow single-family house with flat roof-continuous glass panes

Stinson Beach House by WA Design

Detached house with flat roof bungalow-Typical features-Villa Vicin O Mare

Vicin O’Mare Bungalow by Allen Associates

Holzverande Furniture-Chairs Mission-Hills Modern bungalow architecture

Mission Hills Bungalow by SK residental design&drafting

Modern Bungalow Type Porch Canopy Illuminated Panes of Glass

Modern bungalow from Kaufman Homes Inc

Flat roof bungalow construction modern with garage on the slope

Home by Sean Key Design Architecture