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The garden lounger that invites you to linger and is a real eye-catcher

Garden lounger-metal-pink-adjustable-Alize-Fermob

For many, there is nothing better in the warm seasons than enjoying the sun on the sun lounger outside. But for this dream to be complete, not only must the weather be nice, but the lounger must be really unique. The modern garden lounger impresses not only with the exclusive materials that were used for its manufacture, but also with its special look. It can be perfectly adapted to the body shape, is soft and comfortably padded and has an almost puristic look. Today we are showing you a few excellent examples of designer garden loungers that will be eye-catchers in the garden and give you the perfect lounge feeling.

The garden lounger can be a gem for your garden

Garden lounger-alu-white-stackable-adjustable-STACK-Borja-García-Gandia-Blanco

Garden loungers are now available in all materials and designs. Teak, aluminum and steel are particularly popular with modernists. Designers are also experimenting with materials like polyethylene, polyester and carbon fibers. Above all, the material should be weatherproof, UV-resistant and easy to care for. Check out the designs below and pick out your new favorite piece.

The modern garden lounger is characterized by a special look

garden lounger-paraggi-exteta-mahagon-wood

Rest of Harry’s loungers&Camila for Kristalia

Garden loungers-design-synthetic-polyester-rest-Harry-Camila-Kristalia

TUMBONA sun lounger by Hendrik Steenbakkers for FueraDentro

garden lounger-design-steel-frame-TUMBONA-Hendrik-Steenbakkers-FueraDentro

 Siesta garden loungers by Fuera Dentro

garden loungers-design-steel-adjustable-SIESTA-FueraDentro

Siesta garden loungers from FueraDentro

garden loungers-design-modern-steel-fabric-batyline

MVS garden lounger from Vitra

garden lounger-design-modern-polyurethane-black-MVS-Vitra

 Ghibli by Aldo Ciabatti for Emu

garden lounger-design-metal-GHIBLI-Aldo-Ciabatti

STACK garden loungers by Borja García for GANDIA BLASCO

Garden loungers-design-aluminum-STACK-Borja-García-GANDIA-BLASCO

Bianco sun lounger made of teak and aluminum by Plato

Garden lounger-alu-teak-adjustable-BIANCO-Plato

PASO DOBLE garden loungers by Stefano Giovannoni for Magis

Garden loungers-aluminum-modern-white-stackable-PASO-DOBLE-Stefano-Giovannoni-Magis

Touch from Talenti

garden lounger-aluminum-textilene-Touch-Talenti

Bistro by Fermob

garden loungers-aluminum-design-pink-BISTRO-Fermob

modern Corail garden loungers by Hans Daalder for Oasiq

garden loungers-aluminum-CORAIL-Hans-Daalder-Oasiq-adjustable-backrest

West Coast from Sachi

Garden lounger-alu-white-adjustable-casters-WEST-COAST-Carlos-Aguiar-Sachi

 Chill from Frog

garden lounger-design-polyethylene-CHILL-frog

Tumbona garden lounger by FueraDentro

garden lounger-TUMBONA-Hendrik-Steenbakkers-FueraDentro-stainless steel-batyline-fabric

adjustable garden loungers from FueraDentro

garden loungers-steel-frame-adjustable-batyline-FueraDentro

Holly sun lounger by Emu


modern Ibiza sun loungers from Dolcefarniente

Ibiza-sunbeds-synthetic rattan-white-dolcefarniente-terrace

 Na Xemena by Ramon Esteve for Gandia Blasco

Sun lounger-aluminum-casters-NA-XEMENA-Ramon-Esteve-Gandia

white sun loungers Springtime by B&B Italia

sun lounger-white-roll-SPRINGTIME-bnb-italia

Breez from Talenti


Easy sun loungers by Philip Bro for Softline A.



Mirthe by Fabiaan Van Severen for Tribu


Sun lounger-metal-white-wide-SPRINGTIME-B & amp; B-Italia

Ghibli designer sun loungers by Emu


Canasta from B&B Italia

Sun lounger-synthetic rattan-white-adjustable-CANASTA-bnb-italia

Green from Alias

Sun lounger-stainless steel-steel mesh-rolls-GREEN-Giandomenico-Belotti-Alias

n Tosca by Monica Armani for Tribu


Up&Down by Frederik Fogh


 Shell by Jan des Bouvrie for FueraDentro

sun lounger-design-synthetic rattan-white-adjustable-backrest-SHELL-Jan-des-Bouvrie-FueraDentro

1800 designer sun lounger by Tectona


 Alize XS from Fermob

Sun lounger-aluminum-stackable-white-Alize-XS

VIS A VIS by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

garden loungers-two-person-teak-wood-VIS-A-VIS-Piergiorgio-Cazzaniga

LANDSCAPE from Kettal

garden loungers-two-person-LANDSCAPE-Kettal-Aluminum

DIUNA by Hans Daalder for OASIQ

garden loungers-teak-design-DIUNA-Hans-Daalder-OASIQ

 Rivage of Triconfort

garden loungers-RIVAGE-Triconfort-aluminum-white-lacquered

Swim by Richard Frinier

garden lounger-powder-coated-aluminum-SWIM-Richard-Frinier

Avant by Alexander Rose

garden loungers-metal-castors-adjustable-AVANT-CLASSIC-Alexander-Rose

Garden loungers-aluminum-SPRINGTIME-white-polyester powder coating

TRANSATLANTIK by Jean Louis Guinochet

garden loungers-synthetic rattan-adjustable-TRANSATLANTIK-Jean-Louis-Guinochet

Charles from B&B Italia

Garden loungers-synthetic-rattan-adjustable-casters-CHARLES-bnb-italia

York by Modloft


SURF by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti

garden loungers-stainless steel-polyester-SURF-Francesco-Rota-paola-lenti

ATLANTICO by Raffaello Galiotto for Nnardi

garden loungers-design-polypropylene-white-ATLANTICO-Raffaello-Galiotto-Nnardi

TUMBONA Hendrik Steenbakkers

garden lounger-design-metal-minimalist-TUMBONA-Hendrik-Steenbakkers