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The beneficial functions of the whirlpool at a glance


Humans and water have a bond that has existed for thousands of years and comes from the natural forces of nature.

The whirlpools intended for home use are unmatched in their class. They are made for those who want their own wellness center at home.

The features of the hot tub are really impressive these days


The technological heart of the hot tub and one of the most typical Features of the whirlpool is a modern system for adjusting the hydromassage. With it you can switch on the different nozzles depending on their strength and capacity. These Features of the whirlpool serve to stimulate different parts of the body. Depending on which area you choose, you can choose a gentle, delicate massage to enjoy the deepest relaxation or you can choose the stronger jets to relieve the tiredness that has accumulated in the shoulders, back and legs.

The air massage as one of the Features of the whirlpool ensures constant oxygen content in the water, which revitalizes the cells of the skin. As an extra, there is also aromatherapy, which has a positive effect on the mind through the influence of various scents. The essential oils used in the hot tub do not create foam, so the water stays clean and crystal clear.

Always on trend – new functions from the whirlpool


At night, the whirlpool impresses with its colors. Thanks to the new LED lights, the lighting can also be reinforced from the outside.

The technological treasure of the hot tub is its ozonating system. In such Features of the whirlpool the release of oxygen, which is used to neutralize microorganisms, disinfects the water without producing an unpleasant smell and prevents the formation of algae and bacteria. This type of disinfection does not irritate the mucous membranes or the skin and does not pose a risk of allergies.

The thermal covers are a necessary accessory for the hydromassage, as they keep the temperature of the water constant. This uses less energy, which is a great, economical effect. In addition, the covers are good protection for children and prevent them from getting into the water.

The functions of the whirlpool open the doors to a new world of wellness


You can also enjoy the new functions of the whirlpool in the hotel or spa


Cloud effect in the hydromassage bathtub


The new Jaccuzis are comfortable and adapt well to their surroundings


The hydromassage happens with the help of the side jets


Thermal covers and ozone jets in the whirlpool