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The 2014 lunar calendar for gardening – advantages and disadvantages of the phases of the moon

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It is good for garden plants if you look for one 2014 lunar calendar for garden judge. But don’t forget that the plants react to our thoughts towards them. This article will teach you how to use the ancient knowledge of the phases of the moon for the garden to make delicious vegetables and pretty flowers. Spring has officially started and most people use the first rays of sunshine for picnics. Walks and short trips. There is a community for which the saying “you sow what you reap” is a philosophy of life. These are the gardeners among us. Every new sunny day is a new opportunity for you, because, and you will surely agree, everyone is happy about the reward for their work. Of course, the time of harvest is still a long way off, but every garden fan feels the utmost joy in watching the plants grow and is happy about every inch more.

The 2014 lunar calendar for the garden for proper plant care

Lunar calendar 2014 garden phases moon cycles details

The great thing about our earth is that it is rich in plants that not only serve food, but are also pleasing to the eye. That is why we do not shy away from investing effort and money in their care. And every plant has its own characteristics and needs different care. They are also sensitive to their surroundings and the behavior of those around them. Therefore, it is important that we pay attention to all the details of the mutual influence in nursing. This means both the annual changes in the seasons and the climate, as well as the 2014 lunar calendar for garden, the phases of the moon and its course through the individual signs of the zodiac.

Garden connection between moon plants moon phases night

Today we rely on modern agronomy to use the phases of the moon for gardening, but thousands of years ago our ancestors learned to determine the favorable and unfavorable times for sowing according to the course of the moon. For example, you have found that the days of the new moon, as well as when the moon is in the Aquarius zodiac sign, are unfavorable. They had better yields if the sowing took place when the moon is in the zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.

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The 2014 lunar calendar for gardening – waxing moon

Lunar calendar waxing moon four cycles influence gardener

  • The phases of the moon for the weakened root system and its consequences

At the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the moon is waxing, the saps flow from the roots towards the tips. As a result, the leaves and fruits grow faster. Any intervention in the life of the plant should be made very carefully. You should avoid cutting and repotting the plant. Cutting the roots, for example, would have an adverse effect and weaken the plant. This time is best for planting new seeds or flowers, and for collecting the seeds of withered flowers and overripe fruits. If you want a bountiful harvest of fruits, leaves and anything that grows above the ground, the best time to sow is from the 10th or 11th day before the full moon to the full moon itself. In the best case scenario, this happens around the new moon hereabouts. In this way you guarantee your plants the best possible conditions for growth and development.

  • The phases of the moon for the ground

This period is also ideal for working the soil and fertilizing. When the moon is waxing, the gravitational pull of the earth decreases and the plants suck the substances and micro-elements from the soil. For this reason, the plants need sufficient water between the new and full moon. It helps this process.

  • Cereals and vegetables that grow above the ground

The first phase of the waxing moon is good for sowing annual plants that consist only of leaves, as well as plants whose seeds are inedible. In this phase, cereals and vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, all kinds of leafy vegetables, strawberries, corn, sunflowers, fragrant grasses and aromatic plants develop well. It is the perfect time for plants to grow with the moon and make their fruit above the surface of the earth.

  • The 2014 lunar calendar for garden, the phases of the moon and the flowers

Flower seeds should also be sown in the waxing moon phase. Then the colors of the flowers become more intense and smell stronger.

With the approach of the full moon, the most active time in the life of the plant begins.

The full moon

Garden full moon beautiful view impact plants trees

  • The phases of the moon for rapid growth and the perfect harvest

During this phase, the moon gives its fullest power, which it then has, to the plants. They get along very well on their own, so you don’t need to interfere in their growth. The ripe fruits grow in just a few hours. The zucchini, for example, can increase its diameter by a few inches in just one day. That is also interesting to watch. However, if the fruits are already fully ripe, they must be harvested. This is especially true if you want to eat them right away. It is at this stage that they are the juiciest and most nutritious. But if you want to consume them later and, for example, prepare mason jars with compote, it is best to wait until the last phase of the moon to harvest. Harvesting is especially fun during the full moon. It is the best time to make juices and wine. The fruits contain the highest possible amount of healthy substances and vitamins.

  • The 2014 lunar calendar for garden and the phases of the moon – Avoid sowing and repotting

During the full moon days, the crowns and stems of the plants are full of moisture and nutrients. The roots, on the other hand, have less energy and feel a lack of potential. Now the soil around the roots should be loosened, the weeds plucked, mulched, the seedlings cut and the branches of the trees tied down. Because of the weakened root system, sowing and repotting, especially of perennial plants, is risky. If you sow plants during the full moon phase, these stems and leaves will develop well, but the roots and fruits will be weak.

  • Phases of the moon for pest control

In the days around the full moon, pest control is particularly favored.

The 2014 lunar calendar for gardening – waning moon

Garden waning moon influence gardening better plan

The phase occurs when the moon slowly retreats to rest. The sap begins to flow down towards the roots. Accordingly, their life activity also decreases. But our help has a particularly beneficial effect on the plants. This time is good for prophylaxis and healing and you are allowed to cut and repot the plants.

  • The phases of the moon root plants

At this stage, it is best to plant plants that will produce their fruits and other edible plant parts underground. These are the so-called root vegetables and they include potatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, radishes, onions and garlic. Fruit trees as well as decorative shrubs and trees can also be planted.

  • The 2014 lunar calendar for garden, the phases of the moon and the seedlings

Now you can also cut and repot the roots of the seedlings, cut the tops of the plants whose growth you want to slow down, proceed with pest control and weeding, as well as fertilizing the soil with organic fertilizer. Plants that are repotted during this time strengthen their root system and develop better.

  • The phases of the moon the flowers

Flowers picked at this time last longer and are more resilient during transport. As for the seeds, you should now plant the bulbs and repot the seedlings.

  • The phases of the moon and the harvest

If you’ve planted root vegetables, harvest the fruit in the days just before the new moon. This is especially true if you plan to keep them for a longer period of time. This way you will keep your nutrients and taste longer.

  • The phases of the moon for the garden – the trees

It is also good to prune the trees and vines at this last stage. Now is the time to plow the soil, clean it and prepare it for the next job.

The 2014 lunar calendar for garden – new moon

Lunar calendar new moon nature environment large tree connection

  • The 2014 lunar calendar for garden  – Let the garden rest

As long as the moon cannot be seen at night, it is not recommended to sow new plants. The seeds lack vitality and will find it difficult to germinate. This is because at this time all biological processes are slower. You should also be particularly careful when using pointed and sharp tools to work the soil and plants. It is best to leave the plants alone and do not interfere with your growth. As long as the moon is not there, you can remove dried branches and plants in your garden. You are also allowed to water, but only if the moon is in a zodiac sign of water.

  • The lunar and solar eclipses

It is best to avoid all types of gardening on days of lunar or solar eclipses.

 The 2014 lunar calendar for the garden – a few more tips

Lunar calendar garden full moon sea rocks dark idea

In addition to the phases of the moon for gardening, pay attention to your feelings towards the plants. These are all the main conditions to which one should adhere for the life of plants. It is an advantage if you follow the 2014 lunar calendar for garden judge. But don’t forget that plants have the ability to respond to our thoughts towards them. Every plant lover knows that if we give love to the small stems, we will get them back from them in the form of juicy fruits and beautiful colors. If you keep this in mind, our moon tips will receive additional power and you will be able to look forward to a rich harvest and beautiful flowers.

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