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Terrace design – 25 modern ideas with a view of the sea

outdoor terrace sofa turquoise white sea coffee table

Summer is the perfect time of year when everyone wants to spend their time on a wonderful terrace of a house on the beach with a fantastic view of the sea and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Terrace design of houses that are located near the sea or ocean should be geared towards the personal needs and desires of the users, so that it invites to relax and unwind in the summer.

Terrace design – gray rattan chairs

patio rattan armchair side table gray ideas

Such terrace furniture looks wonderful when it has a modern and contemporary style, whereas terraces with a traditional and Mediterranean style look cozy and are perfect when you want to enjoy a relaxing summer atmosphere.

You can see more design ideas for modern, contemporary, traditional and Mediterranean styles in the following photos. Among other things, they look wonderful thanks to their fantastic view of the sea.

Terrace design with a sea view – rattan furniture with wooden coffee table

terrace design view sea rattan wooden table

Many consider it important that all pieces of furniture in a seating area are made of the same material. Different materials can also be wonderfully combined. This is also proven by the outdoor area above. Modern rattan sofas are combined with an attractive wooden coffee table, whereby they are similar in color.

fireplace corner sofa sea white gray skylight

You don’t necessarily have to design the seating area around a coffee table. A fireplace like this one can also be a nice focal point towards which the seating furniture is directed. The lounge itself consists of three bright rattan sofas that are U-shaped and arranged towards the fireplace.

Even at night the view of the sea is impressive

terrace balcony seating area modern furniture bar

Cozy seating areas and bar

patio modern deck chair curtains outdoor sea

 Enjoy the view from the sun loungers

outdoor fireplace terrace couch railing glass

 An outdoor fireplace ensures warm evenings

outdoor bed pool view sea simply modern

 A sleek, modern seating area in white

modern terrace wooden deck furniture white outdoor

 A modern idea with a perfect view of the sea

modern design sea turquoise deck chair green

 The turquoise sea can be comfortably observed from a deck chair

modern outdoor sofa stool wood floor

 Rattan furniture on a white wooden floor

modern furniture sea gray white coffee table

Idea from shades of gray and a small pool

furniture white pillow blue view sea

deck chair mediterranean style sea terrace patio

deck chairs blue table white patio terrace

small terrace modern patio white garden furniture

large dining table white garden furniture terrace

dining table design modern white brown wood

balcony-terrace rattan basket white furniture

villa ocean terrace wooden floor tropical pool

veranda-terrace wood floor view large windows

terrace design whirlpool table chairs sofa

patio design fireplace outdoor sofa bar

patio-sized sofa fireplace lanterns cushions upholstery

beach house terrace hammock dining table palm trees