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Succulent care – how to water the plants correctly!

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Hardly any other plant is as easy to care for as the succulent plant – it can be reproduced quickly, takes up almost no space and can get by with little soil, easily tolerates longer periods of dryness and is visually a work of art of nature. The all-round talent can be effectively staged both in the vertical garden and in a small bucket on the table. It’s the perfect choice for beginners with no experience with houseplants or for gardeners with a green thumb who just don’t have time to garden. For many hobby gardeners, the only obstacle in the care of succulents is watering – if you stick to a few simple rules, you can easily master the task. We will give you useful tips on how to properly water the succulents!

Succulents Care – Avoid These Three Common Mistakes

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The succulents come from dry regions and are now distributed all over the world – from the highlands of Mexico to the Canary Islands to the desert landscapes of Asia. No wonder they are considered storage artists. As the name itself suggests (succulent plant comes from the Latin word “sucus” – juice), the plants store water in their leaves, which are filled with a thick juice. With such a clever water management, they can survive even longer periods of drought without any problems. However, this decisive advantage poses a great challenge to hobby gardeners: they often ask themselves how much water their plants actually need. These three mistakes often occur:

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Mistake number 1: Plant pots without a water drainage hole – since the succulents can get by with little soil, small plant pots are made from various boxes, lanterns, etc. – which also have no hole. But drainage plays a crucial role in maintenance. Even more so – a drainage hole guarantees that no waterlogging occurs.

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Mistake # 2: Proper drainage is critical. First a thin drainage layer made of expanded clay is placed on the bottom of the flower pot, then this is covered with a special root- and water-permeable fleece. It prevents soil from penetrating into the expanded clay layer during watering and the drainage no longer functioning properly. Only then does the substrate or the special soil for succulents come (two parts of loose soil, one part of sand).

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Mistake # 3: misting succulents with a spray bottle – there is only one case where you can mist the succulents with a spray bottle – you will find out more about this in a moment. Otherwise “misting” is forbidden – instead, carefully pour the soil between the succulents using a watering can with a longer nozzle.

Succulent care – how much water do the plants actually need?

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How much water the succulents need, and when, is closely related to the climate of the regions from which they come. There the sun shines all day long and the dry phases can last a few weeks. But when it finally rains, it rains really hard. In any case, the plants are used to this intense change in weather – and they will also expect it in the garden. Therefore you have to soak the earth completely. Take extra care that the floor is really completely wet. Then wait several days for the soil to dry completely – only then can you water the succulents again. When exactly the earth dries up depends mainly on the humidity and the time of year. You need to water your desert garden every 4-5 days in summer and once a week in winter. Keep in mind that succulents with thick leaves need less water than succulents with thin leaves.

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In contrast to other plants, you do not need to adhere to a fixed watering schedule. Postpone watering for 2-3 days once a month – this will stimulate root growth. When it comes to caring for succulents, the golden rule “less is more” applies – if you cannot assess whether the plants need water, wait another 2 days. If there is too little water, only the roots can dry out slightly, but too much water will lead to waterlogging and the plants can die.

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The succulents on the terrace, on the balcony or in the sunny garden usually do not have to be watered. To be on the safe side, you can check the soil every 3-4 days. Only give a little liquid fertilizer once a month in summer – its water-soluble nutrients are quickly absorbed by the plants and then washed out of the soil again.

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Incidentally, you should only mist the plants during the propagation phase in spring and summer. Put individual cut leaves in propagation substrate and spray them with water every 3-4 days until the top soil layer is wet. As soon as the leaves grow roots, you can plant them. Water the young succulents more often – for example every 3 days.

Succulent care – recognizing problems in time

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Even experienced gardeners can sometimes pour under or over the succulents. But only those who recognize the problem in time can revive the plant. Plants that have been poured over have blue-brown leaves and the soil is very moist. Check the roots – healthy roots are white or pink in color and have a slightly shiny surface. In this case, you can repot the plant. Submerged succulents have leaves with shriveled tips. In this case, you can carefully gradually increase the water intake.

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Our tip – in cases of doubt, it is worthwhile to carry out a root check every three months. This allows you to identify diseases such as root rot in time. Check the humidity in the room – it should not be higher than 30%. Hardy succulents can stay in the garden during the cold season, provided they are well protected from rain and snow. Putrefaction can do more damage than frost.

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