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Stand-alone hammocks can be set up anywhere in the garden

hammocks with frame terrace-balcony-wood-design-net-ropes

Everyone wants a cozy hammock in the garden, where you can read a book or just lie down comfortably and relax in the open air. But if you don’t have any connection options, such as two trees or posts, then they are Hammocks with stands a practical solution. They can be set up anywhere and serve as a comfortable lounger to relax in. We have put together some designs for you that are diverse and modern. Old hammocks are celebrating a modern comeback and offer us high quality, amazing designs and good workmanship.

Hammocks with frames – regardless of location and cozy


In the past the hammocks were hung between two trees, today they are Hammocks with stands enforced. They are suitable for indoor use, they can even be set up in the garden in the pool. The frames for hammocks are usually made of wood such as teak and larch or of metal. The steel frame is more robust and can remain on the terrace even when it rains.

Hammocks with frames made of wood or metal

Hammocks with a three-frame roofing-white-metal-pergola

The hammocks are very different in shapes and colors. Today, designers are experimenting more and more with new fabrics, decorative patterns and interesting motifs. The shape variants for frames also range from simple, angular to beautifully curved. If your terrace is too sunny and there is no canopy, you can also choose a model with a sun canopy. If you want to share the hammock with your darling, consider the larger versions for two or three people, where you can also lie across. If you want to protect your privacy, you can hang sheer white curtains on the square-shaped frame.

Choose a simple design


Relax in the garden

hammocks with frame comfort-lounge-exotic-garden-fence-metal

Designer models with a sun canopy for two people

modern design hammock frame two people WAVE Erik Nyberg

Hammock with a metal frame

seora design hammock steel frame wood pool terrace

Surf hammock from Royal Botania

design hammock frame garden surf dome royal botania

Amazon Barbados hammock

Amazon Barbados hammock wooden frame summer garden

Hanging bed with curtains

cocoon hanging bed curtains wood royal botania

Jumbo hanging chair with frame

jumbo hanging chair with frame garden beach

Modern hammock design for 3 people

infinity hammocks metal frame garden three people

Attractive shape for the frame

hammocks steel frame garden terrace vifah

White and minimalist

hammocks with frame white garden amanda unopiu

Wide hammock

hammocks with stainless steel frame garden TUUCI Air Lounge

hammock with frame terrace garden several people square

hammock wood two person frame garden terrace

hammock frame white terrace gzebo design italy

hammock design modern tuuci sun protection

hammock with frame wood garden terrace two pesonen fabric

design hammocks with frame garden three people infinity

design hammock frame steel pool TUUCI Air Lounge