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Setting up your own winter garden – 3 tips for design

Set up a conservatory -patio-parasol-metal-garden furniture

Nowhere can you relax as well as in your own winter garden. And with the winter garden furnishing and decorating, you can realize concepts that are likely to appear a bit cluttered in the rest of the apartment. Since the winter garden is covered, not only functional garden furniture has to be chosen, but upholstery, pillows and cozy bedspreads also look good there.

Setting up your own winter garden – it doesn’t always have to be garden furniture

Winter garden furnishing -furniture-upholstery-modern-furnishing

Comfortable upholstered sofas and armchairs look good in your own winter garden, they make the glass extension a sunny oasis and a cozy retreat. The furniture, like the rest of the winter garden furnishings, should fit into a coherent overall concept in terms of color selection and style. If you want to redecorate later, you can, for example the upholstery of the furniture with a new cover be equipped; Furniture can also be painted relatively easily in new colors.

 Set up your own winter garden – plants are mandatory in the winter garden

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As the name suggests, it is difficult to imagine a winter garden without plants. They ensure a cozy and warm atmosphere. Even in an unheated winter garden, hobby gardeners can store their potted plants in the cold months so that they do not fall victim to the frost. Note that certain tropical plants can only survive in a heated conservatory.

Flower pots in different sizes and shapes can be arranged on projections and window sills, so that a harmonious overall impression is created. In addition, glass vases can be filled with twigs or other decorative materials such as chestnuts. Candles are also pretty, although everything from tea lights to colorful candles is possible that fits the overall concept of your own winter garden. Here you can also vary the season again and again, so the winter garden can be decorated with lilies of the valley and Easter eggs over Easter, while a Halloween decoration would be conceivable in autumn.

Set up your own winter garden and provide elegant privacy screens

Set up a winter garden -glass-privacy-protection-sunscreen-cultivation-modern

In order to protect yourself from the eyes of the neighbors, it can be helpful to install a seat protector in a winter garden. In this area, too, there are elegantly designed options that look far prettier than conventional blinds. Roller blinds or pleated blinds are an alternative here; Curtains can also be used here. Several curtain levels can be installed one behind the other.

Set up a conservatory and heat it effectively


With a glass extension, homeowners can realize their dream of a winter garden. It is often possible to convert an existing window into a winter garden. House owners also have to decide whether they want to add a heated or cold winter garden – while the permanent heating of a winter garden entails considerable costs, a “cold” winter garden cannot be used for long periods of the year.

Realize the dream of your own winter garden

Set up a winter garden -pool-glazing-natural-extension-house

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