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Saving energy – the most useful energy saving tips for the household


Gone are the days of unnecessary waste of energy – nowadays more and more people want to reduce their own household electricity consumption. This not only significantly reduces costs, but also makes a contribution to climate protection. We have put together 5 useful energy saving tips that you can use to save energy.

Saving energy – effectively reducing electricity costs in the household


1. Lighting – the lighting offers great savings potential. The LED lamps in particular are around 80% more energy-efficient – so the investment is definitely worth it. The automatic switch-off in the stairwell will significantly reduce energy consumption. Solar lights have proven to be an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative for the garden or balcony.

2. Economical appliances – everyone now knows that the new refrigerators, flat screens and washing machines are more energy-efficient. But also small electronic devices with a direct power connection / such as toothbrushes / save energy compared to variants with a battery. And if you want to minimize standby losses, you can invest in a power strip and switch off your computer, monitor and television when not in use. Chargers should never be left on the network. Then they also draw electricity unnecessarily.

3. Save water and electricity at the same time – washing machines and dishwashers are considered to be real energy guzzlers – but only if they are not completely filled on a regular basis. If you also wash at 40 degrees, the power consumption of the washing machine can be cut in half. Economy programs without pre-wash also contribute to the low energy and water consumption at. And when showering, water-saving showers regulate the amount of water, thereby reducing monthly electricity costs.

Save energy and live environmentally conscious

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4. Saving energy in the kitchen – The kitchen is undoubtedly the greatest savings opportunity. With simple tricks you can save up to 40% of the costs:

– Set the refrigerator to 7 degrees and the freezer to -18 degrees

– Always keep food that has cooled down in the refrigerator

– Sort, label and store the food in the refrigerator. This means that the refrigerator door is never kept open for a long time

– Defrost the refrigerator twice a year

– Small appliances also save money in the kitchen – egg boilers, kettles, toasters and the like. are a cost-effective variant, especially for singles, which guarantees electricity savings of up to 60% in the kitchen.

– An induction cooker is not only child-friendly / the hotplate is cold outside the bottom of the pan /, it also reduces electricity costs.

– The hot plates of an electric stove give off residual heat – this is why they can be switched off 10-15 minutes earlier than usual and the food will still be ready in time.

5. Compare electricity costs – who regularly performs a current comparison, he can find out about price changes in good time and obtain information about the cheapest providers at the moment.

Save energy – never leave devices on standby, always switch them off completely

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Invest in energy-effective lighting


Save water and energy – wash your laundry at 40 degrees


Save energy – install a water-saving shower head in the bathroom

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