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Satin glass for inside and outside – Madras® Nuvola

Satin glass-inside-outside-bathroom-modern-glass wall

The gently nuanced glass in the interior plays the role of a partition wall that prevents unwanted glances and at the same time does not darken the room. A major disadvantage, which only achieves a purely visual effect, is the clear demarcation between the satin finish and the complete clarity of the glass. Satin glass new generation creates a gradual transition between the two areas of the glass surface and creates an effective effect.

Satin glass for inside and outside thanks to chemical satin finishing

Satin glass-inside-outside-balcony-glass railing-minimalist

The satin glass Madras® Nuvola from the Italian manufacturer Vitrealspecchi, specializing in the processing of flat glass, achieves the perfect gradation from satin finish to complete transparency. The satiated area can be designed in the middle or only in the lower or upper edge and is pleasantly visible.

Satin glass for a smooth transition from the inside to the outside

satin-glass-inside-outside-glass balustrade-belkon-terrace

Special chemical processing achieves the effect through very fine porosity in the glass surface. It can be felt very gently to the touch and thus provides protection against scratches and fingerprints. In addition, cleaning is made much easier.

Satin glass for inside and outside – Madras® Nuvola by Vitrealspecchi

satin-glass-inside-outside-balcony-terrace-glass railing

The satin glass from Vitrealspecchi creates a natural transition from the inside to the outside and thus the impression of an optical illusion, a mirage for a weightless place. It looks as if part of the glass surface is in the fog and the other is completely clear. This perfect gradation appears as a new solution for dividing and glass walls in the interior or for glass railings outside, harmonizing with contemporary architecture.

Satin glass smoothly and evenly transitions to transparency 

satin-glass-inside-outside-balcony-glass railing-design

The satined area is designed to be opaque where the view is to be blocked and then becomes uniformly completely transparent where, on the other hand, the view is to be free. The look through is completely prevented in these certain places in a very natural-looking way. This is a clear plus point compared to the conventional satin finish in clear stripes.

Satin-finished glass for partition walls and glass railings, for inside and outside


Satin glass Madras® Nuvola protects the private sphere and ensures brightness


Modern partitions made of satined area of ​​a new kind


Modern design solutions for every area – see patinated glass by chemical processing of the flat glass

satin-glass-inside-outside-bathroom-modern-glass wall-shower

Madras® Nuvola – ideal for partition walls in the work environment


Satin glass in the office – ensuring privacy and not blocking daylight

satin-glass-inside-outside-office-glazing-partition wall