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Rent vs. own home – is building still modern?

Rent vs. home-building comparison

It used to be common for young families to buy their own home sooner or later. It was good form to build a house yourself and raise children there. But this trend has changed a lot in recent years, because building a house is not the right choice for everyone. Nowadays there are many more options, because instead of building, prefabricated houses can also be purchased today and condominiums are also very much in vogue. Of course, classic rental is still a good choice for many who do not want to commit themselves yet. You can not only rent apartments, but also houses. We take a close look at the question – renting vs. owning a home!

Renting vs. owning a home – a matter of taste

Rent vs. home savings and loan savings contracts

Whether you decide to build your own home is a very personal choice that also depends heavily on people’s upbringing, experience and lifestyle. If you are thinking about changing your living situation, you should first weigh the advantages and disadvantages for yourself and focus on your own interests. We have put together the most important points for you.

Rent vs. home ownership – the cost

Rent vs. home-compare-buy-costs

For many, cost is the number one consideration when it comes to purchasing a home. Most people ask themselves how do you finance such a project. If you think about building something of your own at an early stage, you should sign a home loan and savings contract as soon as possible. A home loan and savings contract is a flexible option, to save early on for a home, but still retain access to the money. Because the money invested can not only be used to build a house, but also, for example, to renovate or buy a kitchen. So you always have the opportunity to use the money exactly for what you need it for. Another way to finance your own home or the purchase of an apartment is the classic loan. In this specific case, it is referred to as a home loan. You can find special financing calculators on the Internet that can help you Planning of mortgage lending facilitate.

The biggest argument about renting versus owning a home is the fact that you pay rent every month without ever actually owning the property. This is also the reason why so many people decide to buy a property in the long term, as they are so independent of the fluctuating rental prices. The monthly repayment of the loan is similar to the rent, but at least foreseeable.

Rent vs. home ownership – dependency


The advantage of an apartment, on the other hand, is flexibility, because whoever rents does not commit and does not need to take responsibility for repairs. This also applies, for example, to maintaining your own garden. Building a house usually also includes creating your own garden on the property, but today only a few are familiar with what is actually necessary for this. Don’t worry, you can learn anything. In today’s digital age, there are various pages on the Internet that can help you, for example, when deciding on the right gardening tools. However, not everyone has to become a hobby gardener and operate a lawnmower, everyone can do that.

Living as a tenant is relatively carefree and that also applies to renting a house. There is always the possibility to change your place of residence, be it due to private, professional or other changes. If you are unsure whether a location is really the right choice, you should opt for a property that is well located. In this way, it can be quickly resold or rented out if the owner decides. So don’t get too fixated on the idea that a home or condo will force you to live your life in one place. On the contrary, see it as an investment in the future, because real estate prices are rising enormously, especially in larger cities.