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Renovation made easy – simple steps for a new look

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Your own home should not only be a roof over your head, but also an oasis of well-being that people love to return to, where you can really relax after work. However, this only works if your own four walls also look good and suit your own taste. Especially after a move, there is one issue that cannot be avoided: renovation. But even after a long period of time in the same apartment, it has to be that time again at some point – a makeover is needed. But how can a renovation be made easy, with the least possible expenditure of time and with simple means?

Renovation made easy – budget and construction time


Before you jump right into the work, it is a good idea to first create a plan and get an overview of what is to be done and which materials are necessary for this. The following considerations should be made:

Should it be the whole apartment or the whole house? Or just individual rooms? Should it stay with the wall painting and flooring or will it actually be a complete renovation with all the trimmings? In this case, however, a craftsman should definitely be involved for some areas (electricity and sanitary systems). Here it is a good idea to create a list and set priorities. The things that are considered particularly important should actually be done first. Work should only begin once there is an overview of the renovation work to be done.

This is a really important point to avoid suddenly stopping at halfway because you ran out of money. In any case, a financial framework should be set in advance and a proper calculation should be made. The budget should also not be completely exhausted, if additional costs may arise due to wrong color or blending.

It makes sense to create a schedule to keep track of things. Of course, as a layperson, it is not one hundred percent possible to estimate the exact time frame, but an approximate range should still be adhered to.

Advice here may also be useful and can be obtained from a specialist. If you want to forego this further investment, you can also simply find out more on the Internet, because well-known sites such as offer a number of tips for hobby craftsmen and also allow their own questions to be asked – since the community is very large and diverse, an answer is usually not long in coming and the number of discussion participants often provides many new ideas and impressions.

Renovation made easy – spice up walls – painting or wallpapering?


Both are quite possible in the case of a light, self-made renovation, painting can even be a lot of fun for two or a few friends! However, it should not be forgotten to mask off the doors and windows as well as the carpet molding beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary splotches of paint. A tarpaulin or at least newspaper should also be laid out on the floor so that the carpet or parquet is not soiled. In addition, it is worth spending a little more money in your hand and buying a better opaque paint right away, because this saves repainting – in the end it does not cost much in terms of price and also saves time.

If you decide to wallpaper, you do not have to call on a professional. In the hardware store there are wallpapers that are already pre-glued and only need to be moistened, so that the annoying paste can be saved.

Should the walls simply get a new coat of paint, should formerly white walls, which now have a yellow tinge from nicotine, simply become white again? Should a little color spice up the apartment? Or would it perhaps even make more sense to remove the old wallpaper and stick new ones on? Could it even be a little more unusual wallpapers, for example with a wall look or with a cute motif for the children’s room??

Renovation made easy – which flooring should it be?

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Carpet, laminate, parquet, PVC or tiles? This should also be thought about in advance. It is also worth considering at this point whether the work should really be done by yourself. While it is still quite easy to lay carpet or click laminate yourself, it is much more difficult with parquet and especially with tiles and a little practice would be beneficial. Here it might even make sense to invest a little more money and let a professional do this work in order to get a really decent result on the one hand and to save a lot of time and trouble on the other. If it doesn’t work as it should, it can quickly become expensive, even without a professional, because a lot of material has to be worn out and thrown away.

Tip for experienced do-it-yourselfers – beautify furniture

House-entrance-old-furniture-spice up-ideas-beautiful-armchairs-classic-style

By embellishing the existing older furniture a bit, it is already possible to get a completely fresh shine into your own four walls. You don’t even have to dig deep into your pocket, because a lot is possible here with a little bit of color and a little bit of fabric. And of course you need a little pleasure in manual skills, but the reward in the form of self-designed furniture is all the more beautiful! For example, the old wooden table can be planed a bit and then given a new color. Or the old seating area with a floral pattern is covered with a new fabric and is much more modern.

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