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Put succulents in cork stoppers – a great decoration idea

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If you have just finished drinking a bottle of wine, do not throw the stopper. Start collecting the cork stoppers. Do you know how many great bells and whistles there are to make yourself with the cork stopper? A cork plug lanyard is not only original, but also a safe home for your keys. In this article we are going to show you how to Succulents in cork stoppers can create. Curious? Take a look.

Succulents in cork stoppers – great kitchen decorations

succulents in cork stopper original flower pot idea magnet

If you’ve been picking up a few corks from your wine bottles lately and want some practical use for it, how about Succulents in cork stoppers invest? It looks cute and cute. Instead of hanging plants on the balcony, you will have these small succulent beds on the wall in the kitchen. So you can save space and you will also enjoy a great decoration on the refrigerator or on the wall in the kitchen. The idea comes from Jacques Karsten and Judy Rom von UPCYCLE THAT.

Succulents in cork stoppers- what you need for them


For the Succulents in Korstöpsel you will need the following: Tools: knife or screwdriver, glue gun; Auxiliary materials / components: Wine corks or cork stoppers, magnets, soil and succulent cuttings. And this is how it is done.

Hollow out corks


All you have to do is hollow out the corks. The fastest way to do this is with a drill. But a screwdriver, a thin knife or another pointed object are also suitable. Then plant the succulents in the corks with a little soil and you can decorate different areas in the house: be it the refrigerator, a magnetic wall or another magnetic surface. If you don’t fill the corks to the very top with soil, but leave some space, you can fill in the rest with a few pearls or stones and add color accents.

Prepare cork plugs as a flowerbed

mini plant cork wine bottle

Find suitable cuts


Score the cork with a screwdriver or knife


Fill the scored cork stoppers with potting soil


Decorative stones reveal even more originality and creative thinking