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Privacy screen made of perforated sheet metal – an effective design element for the garden and balcony

Privacy screen perforated sheet corten steel garden fence ideas

In the past, perforated sheets were mainly used in agriculture, in the construction and recycling industries – nowadays they have become an effective design element on the house facade. Whether as a balcony railing or garden fence – the thin metal plates with punched holes shimmer off the private area and keep the strong sunlight away.

The privacy screen made of perforated sheet metal – aesthetic and decorative

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According to DIN 24041, the term “perforated plate” refers to a thin plate with symmetrically punched holes. Manufactured from high-strength and corrosion-resistant metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper or powder-coated sheet metal, the panels impress with their durability and are ideally suited for outdoor use. It is not only their resilience that speaks for them, but also their modern appearance. Available with different hole shapes such as round, square or elongated holes, the perforated sheets quickly become a visual highlight in city villas and office buildings.

Durable privacy screen made of perforated sheet metal for the garden

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More and more architects are deciding against a wooden fence and for perforated sheet metal panels in the garden. These have significantly lower maintenance costs and offer privacy and sun protection adapted to individual needs. In this way, the outside area is shielded from strangers without completely blocking out the sunlight. Perhaps that is why they have proven to be a practical alternative for densely populated neighborhoods with row houses.

Perforated sheet metal privacy screen for the balcony and the house facade

Privacy screen made of perforated sheet metal balcony ideas modern panels

The perforated metal privacy screen enhances the house facade and creates an exciting interplay of light and shadow in the rooms. The numerous design options and attractive patterns offer creative potential and leave nothing to be desired. With balcony railings made of perforated panels, the facade is not only a real eye-catcher, but energy is also saved. In summer, the strong rays of the sun are kept away and the electricity costs for air conditioning systems are reduced as a result.

Complete Facade cladding with perforated sheet metal have recently been gaining popularity around the world – these regulate the indoor climate in the building and are particularly practical when the house has large window fronts. The perforation angle plays a decisive role for well-being – at an angle of around 30 degrees, the incidence of light is perceived as pleasant.

Expanded metal as an architectural element and a cost-effective alternative to perforated sheets

Privacy screen perforated sheet metal expanded mesh house facade ideas

Expanded metal or expanded metal is not produced by punching, but by metal stretching. In contrast to perforated sheets, this processing process does not lead to any loss of material – this is why expanded metal is a cost-effective alternative. They also offer numerous application possibilities and give the facade and the garden additional charm. In the USA they are traditionally very popular and are often used as railing infills for balconies and privacy screens for the garden.

Perforated sheet metal privacy screen for the balcony

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Slidable panels made of perforated sheet metal mounted on the balcony railings

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