House & garden

Playhouse in the garden promises pure adventure in your own backyard!


On the property of a country house near New York there is a children’s playhouse with a futuristic design that promises pure adventure in your own backyard. Designed and completed by Sharon Davis Design, the playhouse in the garden fascinates with a well thought-out concept and successful spatial planning. Indeed – nothing is missing inside – slide, climbing net, watchtower. The two boys from the builders are two happy children!

Playhouse in the garden fascinates with its modern design

Playhouse-garden-outdoors-wood-made-tree house

 The playhouse in the garden was built on posts – this way the boys can see the whole property. The house itself consists of two floors, which are connected by steel ladders. There is a climbing net on the first floor where the children can relax or read a book. The so-called watchtower is located on the second floor and offers a view of the whole area. A steel slide also connects the two floors. The fun is guaranteed!

Playhouse in the garden equipped with a slide and climbing net

Playhouse-garden-slide-steel climbing net-lounge area

The playhouse in the garden offers the children the opportunity to meet up with friends undisturbed and to experience adventures together. At the same time, the many climbing facilities encourage movement. And when the weather is nice, the boys can even do their homework outside – what more could you ask for?!

Stainless steel slide connects the two floors

Playhouse-garden-slide-steel-modern-ideas-climbing net

Many climbing facilities promise fun outdoors!

Playhouse-garden-children-boy-climbing net-sleeping possibility

The play tower also has some lounge areas where the children can sit down

Playhouse-garden-design-idea-modern-boys-climbing possibilities

The wonderful view relaxes the eyes and the senses

Playhouse-garden-window-beautiful-view-children's property

The children love to hide in the playhouse

Playhouse garden watchtower adventure window



Project by Sharon Davis Design