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Plants and flowers in the shade -24 types of plants for the shade garden

Shade hosta shade garden shape balcony

If there is a lot of shade in your garden due to the large number of trees, it will be difficult to find flowers that will nevertheless add color to it. Most Plants and flowers in the shade only need a few hours of sun a day to bloom.

So what can you do in one plant shady garden, in which you have little sunlight available? Having a shady lot doesn’t mean you have to give up the garden entirely. You just need the right flowers. If you want more color in the garden, you can also add colorful decorations.

There are different annual and perennial plants that you can put into one plant shady garden because they love shadows. Not every plant will please you with flowers, but you can also plant those in different shades of green. This will give you a nice, tidy garden despite the lack of sunlight and brightly colored flowers.

 plants  and flowers in the shade – perennial plant species 

fresh flowers shade-loving plants white pink flowers

  • crying heart
  • Funkie or also called hosta
  • Lungwort
  • Yellow larkspur
  • Dead nettle
  • Christmas rose
  • Splendid spar
  • Monkshood
  • Japanese rainbow fern
  • Wild ginger
  • Japan dwarf reeds
  • Balkan cranesbill

Plants and flowers in the shade – annual types of plants for the shade garden

shade flowers plants annual red color

  • Bach flowers
  • Colored nettles
  • Perilla
  • Browallia
  • Wood sorrel
  • Point sheet
  • fuchsia
  • sweet potato
  • Lobelia
  • violet
  • balm
  • Sesame leaf

Decoration for the shady garden

beautiful ideas fresh flowers decoration upcycling plant pots

Bushes and green plants are often planted in shady gardens. But there is another way to add color to the garden, besides using flowers. The following examples are such possibilities. The decorations look pretty and, unlike most flowers, make your garden cheerfully colorful all year round.

1. These metal flowers are available in different colors. Just put them in a flower bed and it will be more colorful and cheerful. Try to make some yourself. You can use old cans for this.

2. To make your garden more interesting, you can use fun flower pots and stands, like this bicycle. They don’t necessarily have to be colored either. In this case, the ornate parts set an accent.

3. These colorful flower pots will add color to the garden for many years to come. In them you can plant spices, evergreen and annual plants, which you then distribute in the garden and on the terrace. Buy ordinary clay pots to dye them yourself.

Cool decoration for the shade garden – flowers made of metal

Metal decoration garden in the shade make a cool idea yourself

Lobelia grow quickly even in the shade

Flowers plant annual hanging flower pot balcony

Perennial flowers blooming in the shade-lungwort

beautiful shade-loving flowers purple color small flowers

The yellow lark spur brings a splash of color into the garden

Larkspur flowers shade love garden design