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Planting tomatoes on the balcony – tips for proper care in the tub

growing tomatoes on the balcony tips care harvest

Tomatoes on the balcony can thrive in a deep flower pot as well as in a garden bed. They can be grown in large pots and placed in the right place on the balcony or on the windowsill. Tomatoes are considered easy-care plants and small varieties such as cherry tomatoes are ideal for this. For a rich harvest, however, you have to observe a few basic rules.

Tomatoes on the balcony – the ideal location

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The plants can be put outside from mid-May, when the danger of frost has already passed. The root balls are planted deep, five centimeters below the ground. When it is still cold, the pots should be placed as close to the house wall as possible. Particularly important for the cultivation of the Tomatoes on the balcony are the location and proper care. It doesn’t always have to be in the south, but you can expect a small harvest on a north-facing balcony.

Properly care for tomatoes on the balcony

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Tomatoes love the sun (no direct sunlight) and hate rain and waterlogging. Not only is the bucket itself particularly important, but that it has good water drainage so that root rot is avoided. It should also be big enough and allow space for roots to grow. The distance between the plants should be 60-80 cm. They taste better when they have more room to grow. Since tomatoes grow upwards, you should also build climbing supports out of wood or wire.

Grow tomatoes in the tub

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Pour directly over the soil without the leaves getting wet. Make use of nutrient-rich soil and fertilize the seedlings regularly. Snap off side shoots every now and then so that your tomatoes will bear plenty of fruit. Wear with proper care Tomatoes on the balcony the first fruits after three months.

 Growing cherry tomatoes on the balcony

cherry tomatoes on the balcony plant care tips

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Spiral sticks as a climbing aid

tomatoes balcony plants tips care bucket structure support

tomatoes balcony plants tips bucket location care

Pull up tomatoes in the bucket

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