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Planning a barbecue party – checklist and tips for optimal preparation

planning summer barbecue party organizing checklist tips

Learn how to make one with us plan a great barbecue party could! We give you 7 important tips and a short checklist so that your summer barbecue will be unforgettable. When the weather becomes summery enough, we spend more and more time outside. The point is then not to keep us warm, but to make the party hot. Barbecue is the perfect way to make new contacts and get your social life going again. But you have to be prepared. Here are 7 tips from us that can make your barbecue party great.

Plan a barbecue party

1. Bring the right accessories for the meat.

plan barbecue party checklist tips vegetable skewers

Just throwing meat on the grill is really boring. But if you marinate the pieces beforehand, the whole thing will be a feast for your tongue. Use skewers for this. Try the same thing with baby potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, or tofu as well. You can also prepare your favorite sauce or dressing. Don’t forget the barbecue marinade. Skewers are a great way to make grilling unique.

2. Plastic or acrylic plates.

BBQ party decoration checklist tips table plastic plate flower pattern

Wide, colorful party plates bring a lot of mood to your party and are available in many shops and supermarkets. They are washed and stored like normal plates, but are harmless and very suitable for children and clumsy adults!

3. The light.

barbecue garden light ideas planning checklist tips

When the sun goes down, turn on the special party lights. You can use different lanterns or colorful party lamps for this. The warm light will give your guests coziness and comfort.

4. Napkins and wet towels.

plan a barbecue party tips napkins plastic plates

They are very popular so you can create a great barbecue party. Especially if you have a lot to do with thick sauces. The wet cloths are best for cleaning. They can also be found everywhere, in drug stores and supermarkets.

5. Prepare the barbecue sauce yourself

BBQ party planning tips handmade sauce bbq

A classic one Barbecue sauce is always good, but if you could make your own it would be even better. For example, you could mix hot, terryaki or Thai sauce and create a new one to suit your taste. If you did that, it would be sure to give your guests the impression that you went the extra mile whether or not you simply got the sauce from the store.

6th. The right tools for cooking.

host a barbecue checklist tips tools cooking

Stainless steel and heat-resistant cutlery are best when you’re grilling. Get a spatula, tongs, and other barbecue-appropriate tools so that the barbecue can go smoothly.

7. Create enough seats for your guests.

plan a barbecue checklist tips large table wooden bench

When you’ve invited 25 guests and have a table, people will be forced to stand and communicate. It’s not that comfortable. So take care of getting benches, even normal plastic chairs would be fine. Spice them up with colorful pillows, blankets, etc..