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Outdoor whirlpool ensures a wellness experience in your own garden

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With an outdoor whirlpool, your own garden or roof terrace becomes a wellness oasis where the senses can relax. Nowadays everyone can enjoy the healing power of water all year round in their own home spa – because modern whirlpool systems are equipped with heating systems and can therefore easily be used comfortably even in winter at sub-zero temperatures. What types of hot tubs are on the market and how to properly maintain modern facilities, see the article.

Outdoor whirlpool – the designs at a glance

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Hottubs are tubs or water basins that massage the body thanks to special air nozzles / the so-called jets / or water jets. The intensity of the massage can be regulated if desired or directed to specific body regions. The facilities can simply be used to relax, but are often used as therapeutic agents after consulting a doctor – the Underwater massage promotes blood circulation and has a positive effect on the metabolism.

The hot tubs can be installed in the house or in the garden. In the house, the so-called whirlpools ensure relaxation – these offer enough space for one or two people and are used in a similar way to the bathtub / i.e.. Water is drained off after bathing /. Whirlpool tubs are made of acrylic and assembly is easy as long as an additional power connection is available. The tubs are considered a cheaper and space-saving alternative to the popular outdoor hot tubs.

Hottubs – the built-in variant quickly becomes a highlight in the garden

Outdoor whirlpool-built-in-next-to-pool

The weatherproof outdoor whirlpool offers space for up to eight people and is available in two versions – built-in or portable. The built-in jacuzzis quickly become a highlight in the garden, on the terrace or next to the pool. They are designed according to personal needs and leave nothing to be desired in terms of equipment, shape and pool size. In any case, extra attention should be paid to the heating system and the filter systems in the planning phase – because once installed, the whirlpool can only be retrofitted with great difficulty.

A new, permanently installed model for outdoor use has recently enjoyed great popularity – the space-saving device combines pool and hot tub in one water basin. Swim Spa, at the whirlpool experts available, has a powerful counter-current swimming system and a jacuzzi area that can be used all year round.

Portable spas offer flexible solution for the vacation home

Outdoor-whirlpool-freestanding-flexible-spa-wellness-hot tub

The second type of hot tub – the so-called portable spas allow a certain flexibility. The basins are made of acrylic and clad in wood or steel, which gives the design a classy look. The heating system, pump and filter system are installed in the Portable Spa, so that assembly is fairly straightforward.

Outdoor whirlpool – it depends on the right care

Outdoor hot tub care tips water

An outdoor whirlpool is designed specifically for outdoor use, but the right care and the right accessories guarantee its longevity. A whirlpool cover ensures that the device will withstand the cold and rainy winter days without any problems.

Thorough cleaning with special care products and an ozone system prevent the formation of germs. The manufacturers also recommend changing the water every 3 months and regularly checking the pH value.

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