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Natural fertilizer for the garden and your plants from the kitchen

 Fertilizers for the garden have a cozy, relaxing effect

In order for your flowers to be healthy and to delight you with their fragrant blooms on a regular basis, they must be fertilized regularly. In addition to artificial fertilizers, you can also use funds that can be found in every kitchen and are perfect as natural fertilizer for the garden and the plants are suitable.

Natural fertilizer for the garden from the kitchen

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More natural Fertilizer for the garden makes the plants stronger and less prone to pests. It also stimulates the plant to flower. Here are a few ideas on how to fertilize the plants naturally.

  • Mix the top layer of soil with eggshells once every three months. This will give your plants enough calcium.
  • You can water your houseplants with a mixture of milk and water (1: 3) once or twice a month. This gives them many important micro-elements.

Fertilizer for the garden – tea, coffee and rice take care of it

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  • Every two weeks you can put some coffee grounds from your morning coffee on the ground. Coffee is a really great, natural one Fertilizer for the garden. Ashes from charcoal have the same effective effect.
  • If you’re cooking rice, don’t throw away the water right away. It is also a good remedy for the garden. The starch it contains has a positive effect on the plants.
  • Mix the potting soil with tea grounds on a regular basis. How to prevent fruit flies from appearing.

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