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Modern garden design makes your roof terrace look cozy

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A cozy and modern garden design for the roof terrace ensures your complete relaxation. It also has an impressive effect on all visitors. Take a look at our idea for beautiful garden design!

Modern garden design gives the city apartment a fresh touch 

city ​​flat roof terrace inviting impressed visitors

For a cozy and modern garden design There are of course countless possibilities on the roof terrace. We present you a variant for a cozy garden design on the roof terrace, with which you can escape the everyday stress of the city. This garden is located on the roof of a two-story urban apartment building. The design was created in collaboration between Simon Morray-Jones Architects, Clair Strong Interior Styling and BlueSky Landscapes, based in Great Britain. The modern style of this rooftop garden is an extension of the modern interior design.

Modern garden design invites you to relax

modern garden design ideas fresh note green plants

In keeping with its urban environment, the garden consists of plants that require little maintenance. This means that the owner doesn’t have to worry if he doesn’t have time. This relaxing garden consists of an area for food preparation, a seating area with a dining table, framed by low potted hedges for better privacy. Green and white plants dominate this simple but impressive garden. Modern garden design is simple but modern. Furniture material is easy to clean. Four-legged table painted in orange and lush planting create the necessary inner peace to relax after a hard day at work.

modern garden design green fresh air relax easy to wipe off