House & garden

Modern country house style characterizes the furnishings and facade of the Mororo house

Modern country style rocking chair carpet strip fireplace

Modern country house style characterizes the furnishings and the facade of the modern new building in the middle of the Brazilian mountains near Sao Paulo. The holiday home is located in a beautiful area – in any case, the temperatures in this region drop significantly in the winter months. That is why the architects of Studio MK27 were commissioned with the task of designing an energy-efficient building that opens up to nature and the beautiful area at the same time and offers a distant view.

Modern country style – the building was inspired by traditional Brazilian construction

Modern-country-house-style-house facade-pool-glass-roofing-winter garden

The Mororo house was inspired by the traditional building method in Brazil – the one-story single-family houses with gable roofs can be found in almost every small town and village. In any case, the talented architects from Studio MK27 have reinterpreted the building – and the result is a house more than 60 meters long. A spacious wooden terrace surrounds the villa – by the way, it is accessible from both the bedrooms and the living area. A spacious glazed winter garden houses the pool and a comfortable seating area – so the residents can marvel at the beautiful nature even on cold days. The winter garden is connected to the living area by sliding doors, followed by the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Modern country house style – when the border between inside and outside merges

Modern country style glass roof facade pool interior

The building was constructed on the spot using prefabricated structural elements – this saved costs. Wood paneling hides the metal construction and makes the house look cozy. The glass doors allow plenty of sunlight into the living area and create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. The interior was coordinated with the facade – the clients opted for a modern country house style. The end result impresses with a functional and at the same time stylish room design. See for yourself!

Modern country house style – the winter garden is heated with a fireplace in the winter months

Modern-country-house-style-glass roof-facade-design-chimney-concrete

Modern country house style wood characterizes the furnishings in the living area

modern-country-style-sofa-linen-fabric-cover-low-wood-coffee table

Natural stone tiles are traditionally very popular as flooring in Brazil

Modern-country-style-wooden furniture-wall paneling-wooden ceiling

Old and new – family portraits of grandparents hang over the minimalist fireplace

Modern-country-style-pictures-wall-fireplace-natural stone

Modern country house style – the generously glazed window fronts

modern-country-style-wooden terrace-ideas-furniture

The dining area offers seating for 18 people


Ceramic vessels and decorative figures spice up the interior

Modern country style glass door wooden facade idea

The pendant lights fascinate with a modern origami look

Modern country style dining table, solid wood, bamboo chairs

The kitchen is equipped with a pizza oven and gas stove

Modern country style dining table, metal, wood, chairs, origami pendant lights

The kitchen island is clad in wood

Modern country style wooden kitchen island

Modern country style natural stone floor pizza oven metal stove

Modern-country-style-ideas-modern-gable roof-design

Modern country house style hallway natural stone tiles wood wall cladding

modern country house style wooden slats natural stone roof

Modern country style glass facade wood fireplace

modern-country-house-style-hasu facade-lighting-glass fronts

modern-country-style-house-mountains-glass facade

A project by Studio MK27