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Make unusual garden decorations yourself from old kitchen utensils

Make garden decorations yourself, strainer, hanging baskets, terrace

Decoration gives every garden a very personal touch. If you Make garden decorations yourself think about what to do with old household items. Upcycling has been trendy for a number of years and has also established itself as a way of life. With up-cycling, old products receive a higher value!

Make garden decorations yourself – converting an old cheese grater

Do-it-yourself garden decoration wall lamp-cheese grater-country-style

Every old item has at least 20 different uses and can be easily repurposed. Today we will show you some inspirations on how to breathe new life into old kitchen utensils and how to integrate them into garden decorations.

Make garden decorations yourself from an old cheese grater

Make garden decorations yourself

Garden decorations don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes a stroll through the flea market or a treasure hunt in your own home helps to discover a part that you can breathe new life into. The kitchen grater, for example, doesn’t look very attractive at first glance, but it is very diverse.

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Lamp made from cheese graters

Make garden decorations yourself lamp-pergola-outdoor-kitchen-colorful-colored-cheese graters

An old kitchen grater can be converted into a charming lampshade in no time at all. With their various openings and perforations, the kitchen gadgets exude interesting light patterns and are real eye-catchers.

Wall or hanging lamp?

Make garden decorations yourself cheese grater-lights-wall-ceiling

To build a lamp out of old kitchen utensils, you have to have a little electrical experience and know, for example, how to connect several light bulb sockets to a common connection.

Funnel and sieve as a lampshade


Please note that a special protection class is required for lamps outdoors. The IP protection shows how well a luminaire is protected against the ingress of water. It is best to obtain a cable with an IP-44 socket that is suitable for use in the garden.

Cheese graters as lanterns

Do-it-yourself-yourself-make-table-tea-lights-cheese grater

Building a unique lamp from kitchen graters requires more effort and additional tools such as metal drills. If you don’t really want to build a lamp, then you can simply use the kitchen utensils as tealight holders.

Arranged individually or in groups

Make garden decorations yourself table decorations-tea lights-arrangement

Regardless of whether it is a conventional tea light or a tea light with LED light sources, this idea is ideal for table decorations for the next garden party. For an even more interesting effect, the kitchen graters can be arranged in groups on a tray.

Cheese grater as a flower vase


With an old kitchen slicer, your garden decoration would get a charming vintage look. But if you don’t like the metal look of the cheese grater, then you can simply give it a new coat of paint in a popular color.

Mounted on the wall


If the grater is attached to the wall with the lower opening facing up, it is quickly converted into a container for kitchen utensils or cut or silk flowers. Instead of a pot, the herbs can be planted in a small homemade sack and then placed directly in the kitchen grater cachepot.

Cheese grater as a towel holder and organizer


The old kitchen grater is particularly useful as a holder for kitchen utensils. You can even hang a towel at the bottom of the handle. The grater can be screwed to an old cutting board and not mounted directly on the wall.

Grater wind chimes

do-it-yourself-make-your-own-wind chimes-cutlery-pearls-old-necklaces

Wind chimes are always a good idea for garden decorations, especially if they are homemade. The moving ensembles can easily remain in the garden all year round if they are put together from the right materials. Since the cheese graters are usually made of rustproof, polished stainless steel, they are perfect for this.

Make owl from cheese grater yourself


The owl figures fascinate young and old and can be made by yourself in a variety of ways. This owl was put together from simple materials and is a real eye-catcher for every garden.

The following materials and tools are required:

  • 1 square grater made of stainless steel
  • two lids of baby food jars
  • 2 coasters
  • Spray paint in silver
  • 2 black buttons that are almost as big as the coasters
  • a small metal spring
  • a small twig that fits into the pen
  • a piece of gold-colored soft metal such as aluminum (e.g. from a beverage can)
  • Wire to attach the eyes (thin enough to go through the holes of the buttons)

required materials and instructions

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-instructions-owl-cheese grater

Drill two small holes in the baby jar lid. These should match the holes in the buttons. Spray the lids with the silver spray paint and let them dry. Cut a V-shape out of the gold-colored metal – the arms are then hidden behind the eyes. Position the piece of metal and drill two holes through the metal in the grater. These openings should match one of the holes for each eye.

Cut an 8 cm piece of wire and bend it into a “U”. Thread the two ends of the wire through the holes in the button, then through the beer coasters and at the end through the glass lids. Guide the wire ends through the holes of the gold-colored beak and fasten on the inside of the grater by turning.

Metal spring legs


Use needle-nose pliers to bend the handle of the grater so that the ears of the owl appear. Cut the metal spring to the appropriate length. Roll the small feather feet into one of the openings in the grater on either side and carefully push the branch through the feathers. The branch would then rotate the spring feet in a horizontal direction. And done!

Make garden decorations yourself – hanging basket made of sieve

Do-it-yourself gardening-sieve-instructions-hanging baskets

Flower baskets are a wonderful indoor and outdoor decoration. They put plants in the limelight and save space because they can be easily hung anywhere. Making a hanging basket yourself out of an old metal vegetable strainer is child’s play.

Miniature garden with stone roses


You can use S-hooks for hanging or simply tie the cords around the handles. Cut a piece of fleece to the right size and place it in the sieve. Now fill the hanging basket with soil, insert the flowers, fill with soil and water everything.

Plant the sieve


Hanging plants are usually placed in a hanging basket. If the sieve is used as a table decoration, then you can opt for low-growing succulents. They are super easy to care for and impress with their interesting leaf shapes.

Hanging flower decorations from funnels


Old funnels can also easily be converted into hanging pots. Due to the small size of the funnel, there is usually only room for a small plant. But you can use it to create interesting compositions.

Lanterns from wine glasses

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-wine glasses-tealight holders-lanterns-garden party

Rejected red wine glasses get new honors here: the lanterns are a beautiful eye-catcher and create a great atmosphere in the garden. The feet of the glasses are inserted into the ground. This creates a small island of light in the lawn.

Ladle and whisk as a tealight holder


Pretty much anything is suitable as a tealight holder. Now you can see the decorative value of old soup ladles and whisks and transform them into beautiful decorations for inside and outside. If necessary, you can bend the semicircular ladle so that the tea light is horizontal.

Make garden plugs yourself – flower from cutlery handles


You can make some really cool things out of old cutlery, such as jewelry, tea towel holders, coat hooks, wind chimes, garden plugs and much more. It takes a lot of force to bend the cutlery. A vice can be used as an aid.

Make garden decorations yourself – butterfly from spoons 


Some projects also require a little more skill and the safe use of welding equipment such as this butterfly made of spoons. The handles of the four spoons were sawn off and the handles of the spoons were brought together to form a butterfly shape. It was then soldered to a steel rod. A long screw on the center of the spoon forms the butterfly body.

small lampshade made from coffee spoons


Several pendant lights in a group immediately arouse visual interest. A bunch of such spoon lamps is then perfect above the outdoor dining area. But more spoons are needed for this project.

Make garden decorations yourself – miniature fairy garden

make-your-own-do-it-yourself-miniature-fairy garden-pot lid-muffin-tin-wooden barrel

Fairy gardens are very popular and fascinate young and old. These are landscapes designed in miniature format, which are mostly populated with fairies and other lucky creatures. To design such a garden, you can also consider integrating old kitchen items as details into the landscape.

Make garden decorations yourself – a different kind of flower pot tower


Decorative towers made of pots offer a space-saving idea for creative garden decorations. In this variant, however, no clay pots were used, but old cooking pots. They were threaded onto an iron rod stuck in the ground and planted.

Make garden decorations yourself – a pan becomes a clock


A ruined pan can be converted into a wall clock for the terrace in no time at all. To do this, a hole must be drilled through the pan. Online you can buy a cheap clockwork individually.

A cool saying on the bottom

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-pan-wall-decoration-fence

The underside of a used pan is certainly not pretty. Of course, if you want, they can be spruced up using various creative techniques. If you don’t know the napkin technique, then you can just get creative with paint and brush.

Bird feeder made from an old porcelain teapot

Do-it-yourself gardening-porcelain-teapot-bird-food

Birdhouses should not be missing either. You can use old dishes for this. Instead of drilling a new opening, you can simply hang the teapot with the spout facing down.

Tower made of dishes for a shabby chic garden


A dish tower in the sink is a nightmare, but these towers cut a fine figure in the garden. They look very decorative and are perfect for a shabby chic style garden. Try it yourself!