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Larch wood decking? Overview of advantages and disadvantages

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Any happy owner of a new house with a garden loves to spend the summer outdoors. And then in spring at the latest, the question often arises – which terrace flooring should you choose? Exotic types of wood are extremely weather-resistant, but their prices are in the upper segment. Then local alternatives are looked for – such as, for example Larch wood decking. You can find out what advantages and disadvantages this attractive light-colored wood has in the article.

Larch wood decking – advantages

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the Larch wood decking have the following advantages:

– The larch wood is ideal for outdoor use – super durable, it can withstand heat and cold without any problems.

– Is moderately durable – the larch terrace can basically last up to 15 years.

– Is basically less at risk of fungal attack than other native woods

– The larch terrace can be left untreated – the softwood will then turn gray in two or three years. If this rustic look does not appeal to you, you should coat the wood with special varnish or oil right from the start.

Larch wood decking – disadvantages

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The following disadvantages of Larch wood decking should be mentioned:

– The larch wood can splinter – therefore, when building a terrace, you should entrust construction experts with the task and also prefer not to walk barefoot on the terrace.

– If you don’t like the gray color, you should expect more effort – this wood needs regular maintenance so that the attractive light brown color is retained.

– Larch wood cracks.

Larch wood decking – if left untreated, the wood will discolour over time

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Larch wood is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall cladding

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