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Kitchen Garden Urban Cultivator – Fresh Spices & Vegetables

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Anyone who likes to cook dreams of fresh ingredients that are organically grown and preferably come from their own garden. But not everyone has a garden to realize this. But this practical invention provides a remedy. It is an automated one Kitchens garden the size of a small refrigerator that fits into even the smallest kitchen. You can use it to cultivate spices without being dependent on specific weather conditions.

Kitchen garden – fully automatic devicegarden kitchens lighting wheels cupboard cultivation vegetables

The automatic kitchen garden is offered in two sizes, the smaller variant being the more popular as it takes up less space. All you need to connect is electricity and water. For this reason, the so-called Urban Cultivator, for example, can be installed perfectly in place of a dishwasher. The kitchen garden takes care of the maintenance itself. The built-in system controls the supply of light, air and heat, as well as the amount of water required.

Build the garden into the kitchen

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In addition to aromatic plants such as basil and coriander, you can also grow small vegetables such as radishes in the kitchen garden. Equip your kitchen with these practical accessories and enjoy fresh ingredients for your meals at any time. The best thing to do is convince yourself!

Any kitchen design

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Small garden

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Kitchen garden in the kitchen island

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White kitchen with Urban Cultivator

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Automatic garden system

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Growing fresh vegetables and spices in the garden

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Easy handling

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Urban Cultivator