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Inspirational swimming pools in a Mediterranean style

Swimming pool Mediterranean style fire

The very word “pool” alone makes you dream of swimming and diving with family and friends in the cool water on a hot summer’s day. Then a delicious snack or a refreshing drink will be waiting for you on the terrace. But it’s not just the cool water that makes the pool something unique. Its design also plays a major role here. Below we have some stunning examples Swimming pools in Mediterranean style for you. They are reminiscent of the luxurious designs from the past that used stone. Here, however, not only the pools are impressive, but also the landscape, as well as the architecture and architectural styles of the houses. They are the cornerstone and role model for swimming pools.

Swimming pools in Coral Mountain / Andalusia

Photo of: Pekarek Crandell Architects

Swimming -Pool- Andalusia- ArtYou will surely agree that the lighting makes this pool special. But the effect of the apparently sunken island should not be underestimated either. Swimming pools this species can be found in Andalusia on the Coral Mountains.

Swimming pools at Richmond Estate

Swimming Pool Richmond Estate Palm Trees

Photo of:Patrick Berrios Designs

Inspirational Swimming pools in a Mediterranean style that hardly anyone can resist.

Beautiful and Mediterranean

Swimming pools breathtaking Mediterranean house

Photo via: Bella Vita Custom Homes

Even if this pool is not particularly large, the designer has done a great job with the area as a whole.

 Italian elegance

Swimming pools Italian style Mediterranean

Photo via: Jauregui Architecture Interior Construction

This pool area is, without a doubt, extremely elegant and spacious too.

 Outdoor areas in several levels

Swimming pools multiple level stones

Photo via:Caviness Landscape Design Inc.

The flooring for this pool area with a waterfall is made of stone and is just perfect for him.

An outdoor area in Rough Hollow

Swimming pool - Mediterranean-Rough- Hollow

Photo of: Cornerstone Architects

This curvy shaped one swimming pool in Mediterranean style is raised, which makes it a real eye-catcher.

 Newport coast

Swimming pool party atmosphere Havana

Photo via: Mark Scott Associates / Landscape Architecture

Just looking at this pool makes us feel like we’re partying. The fire pits by the pool also create a dramatic atmosphere.

A tuscan paradise

Swimming pool Toscana property Mediterranean style

Photo via: Maggetti Construction Inc.

Irregularly shaped swimming pools in Mediterranean style can enjoy a wonderful landscape and a friendly pool house.

 An epic pool

Swimming pool -epic- design

Photo via: W.A. Bentz Construction, Inc.

This large, inviting pool has a Mediterranean style and a tropical look.

Pretty and French

Swimming pool French style Mediterranean

Photo via: Arc Design Group

Look how this swimming pool was designed in a Mediterranean style. It is particularly attractive due to its winding steps and the stones that surround it.

 A Mediterranean style swimming pool

Swimming pools Mediterranean style fire

Photo via:Ronneal Lightings Design

This pool is a breathtaking example and should you be the proud owner of one, you will have little to be desired. This circular pool with a bridge isn’t the only part. It is connected to a larger, natural one.

Stone accents for a swimming pool

Swimming Pools Coronado Stone Bridge

Photo via: Coronado Stone Products

Everything about this pool area is just perfect: the bridge, the roof, the palm trees and the smoke.

A property in Coral Gables, Florida

Swimming Pool Coral Estate Florida Palm Trees

Photo via: Torre Construction & Development

If you don’t have too much space available, a smaller pool like this one is also suitable. Then add a few more palm trees and some pretty lighting.

 Cat Mountain Villa

Swimming Pool Cat Mountains Sight Underwater Light

Photo via: Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

The special thing about this swimming pool in Mediterranean style is that you have a great view of the surroundings due to its raised position.

Spanish style in Lake Conroe

Swimming Pool Spanish Conro Lake Tile Design

Photo via: Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

In addition to the pretty, geometric tile design, this Mediterranean-style swimming pool impresses with its waterfall on one of its sides. This also gives it an infinity look.

All of these pools are beautiful. It is difficult to decide which one of them looks the best. When planning a pool, note that in addition to the design and shape, the right lighting and the floor design around the pool are of great importance. We hope the examples have inspired you.

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