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Inspirational ideas for flooring in the garden

Flooring in the garden pavement-natural stone-slabs-gap-mosaic-black-decorative stones

The garden and its individual areas are an extension of the interior of the house. In that way it is also a room, except that its ceiling is heaven. And instead of being lit by chandeliers and other cleverly hidden lamps, it is illuminated by the rays of the sun and the moon and starlight.

Ideas for the flooring in the garden

Flooring in the garden seating area-gray-terrace slabs-gas-fireplace-wooden bench

Like every other room in the house, the garden also has certain requirements with regard to its walls made of bushes, tables, chairs, sofas, but also carpets and garden paths. Because every room also has a floor and we usually decorate this with a nice floor covering, be it stone, wood or fabric. So what prevents us from seeing the garden as a room that needs new flooring?

The flooring in the garden – it connects all components

Flooring in the garden wpc-slabs-lawn-dining table-underlay

To get to the comfortable seating areas, we walk through the garden through a corridor made of trees, flowers, shrubs or bushes. And this should also be decorated and fixed with a suitable floor covering. By a pretty one Flooring in the garden, you can shape the different zones of the outdoor area, connect them with one another and, last but not least, increase the aesthetic value of your garden.

Which material to choose

Flooring-terrace-garden-sidewalk-cream-paving stones

There is a wide variety of materials that can be used to decorate the floor in the garden, patio or courtyard. The choice itself, however, mostly depends on the financial possibilities or the set budget. For creating an effective Flooring in the garden Natural stone, patterned concrete, brick, paving stone, boulder, as well as pebble can be used. You can of course combine them with each other, because nowhere is it written that a garden path only has to be made of one type of material. But on the contrary! Combining materials for the Flooring in the garden different origins, colors and structures can even lead to extremely effective compositions.

The techniques


There are basically two techniques for shaping the garden paths. Either you form a path out of concrete, which you then use with tiles or another matching one Flooring in the garden cover or you can arrange different types of stone slabs, paving stones or tiles freely on a substrate made of sand.

The byways


For side roads you can use the Flooring in the garden also use a third technique for covering. To do this, use large and thick stone or special concrete slabs that you sink into the ground at a distance from each other. The distance should be chosen so that it is comfortable for walking. Plant grass in the joints that are created.

The eyes perceive everything


Of course, you may already have one Flooring in the garden and in the outdoor area, i.e. the terrace, for example. But if you are one of those who are still looking for inspiration, you should know that the strategic arrangement of the flooring greatly increases the visual appeal and the aesthetic value of the garden. They are also a form of the homeowner’s individual self-expression.

The professional or me


For some of the materials that are used for the Flooring in the garden can be used, a creative approach and your own efforts are sufficient. For others, however, competent intervention by a specialist is necessary.

The preparation ensures 90 percent of the fulfillment 


But before you start planning the garden paths and the flooring for the outdoor area, we have a few interesting examples as inspiration for you. Take a look at them and find out where the path of inspiration will lead you.

A red flooring 


Concrete tiles